Growing a Business

3 Strategies to Help Leaders Ignite Passion in the Workplace (and Why It's Important)

Here are three proven strategies to help you motivate your team and bring passion into the workplace.


Lack of Trust — What Does It Do to Your Company? Here's What Leaders Need to Know.

Here's what modern business leaders need to know about trust and how to foster transparency in the current landscape.


Are You Failing Your Employees? Take These 3 Steps to Become a More Supportive and Empowering Leader.

Here are three steps to help you move in the direction of becoming a better leader.

Growing a Business

6 Ways to Attract and Retain the Best Employees

When trying to hire, these principles are the keys to consistently finding A-players.


Time to Hire or Time to Fire? How to Rank Employees to Identify Low and High Performers

Employee ranking identifies high and low performers to properly allocate work, compensation and development. However, ranking requires considering multiple factors over time to ensure fairness and avoid demoralization.

Business Ideas

How This Type of Business Model Could Spur Purpose and Growth For Small Businesses

Whether you're a small business leader deliberating over succession planning and employee engagement strategies or an owner with a vision to establish and lead a values-driven enterprise for decades, you may want to delve deeper into the employee ownership model.


Here's What Leaders Must Do to Truly Support Their Teams in Times of Uncertainty and Turmoil

In times of global turbulence, understanding the profound journey of leadership becomes crucial. Insights shared underscore the significance of inner growth, authentic connection, and purposeful support for teams.


4 Ways to Maintain Company Culture in the Age of Constant Change

While this is a golden age of innovation, it's up to you to determine whether your company glitters from that gold.

Business News

These Jewelry Store Owners Are Handing Ownership of the Business to Their Employees When They Retire Next Year

Harvey and Maddy Rovinsky, the owners of Bernie Robbins Jewelers, are retiring after nearly six decades on the job.


Employees Are Unhappier Than Ever — Here's How Employers Can Emerge From the 'Great Gloom.'

We're experiencing a crisis of unhappiness and loss of connection at work, which some have cleverly coined the "Great Gloom." Here are three unconventional ways employers can foster a happier workplace.


Don't Neglect Your Middle Managers — Here's Why They're the Key to Your Company's Success

Discussing the power of middle managers and their crucial role in driving employee engagement and performance.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

How Many Employees Should Be Working In Your Store? The Answer Might Be Zero — Here's How One Company Does It.

Autonomous businesses like Amazon Go and Bodega had lackluster or downright negative receptions. But a ping-pong club called PingPod seems to have cracked the formula.


Don't Talk to Another Customer Until You Learn This Simple Customer Service Secret

Every customer is at the center of their own world. This simple realization can be your ticket to customer service transformation and excellence, as this customer service consultant and trainer explains.


Why Assessments Are a Critical Component of Knowing Your Team

How assessments can provide an objective understanding of interpersonal needs, communication styles and drivers of trust for the individuals and teams leaders work with.