5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Employees' Productivity

Are you strengthening their productivity, or sabotaging it?

Nubank is looking for staff with a focus on technology and opens 700 vacancies

The company wants to hire professionals from areas such as: software engineering, design and data science, product management, among others.

How to Scale Your Business Sustainably

You can't build a scalable, successful business alone.

Matthew Berman

FOMO is the main driver for Gen Z to return to the office, according to LinkedIn

The new report from the professional network analyzes the perception of Generation Z on returning from work.

LinkedIn MX

Why you should let your employees be influencers

This is the concept behind the so-called employee advocacy: when a brand promotes itself through its employees on social media.

Ismael El-Qudsi

Tim Cook scolded Apple employees for leaking confidential information. Ironically, the letter was leaked to the media.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a letter reprimanding employees for leaking confidential information about the company and its products. However, the document was also made public.

Amazon punishes its delivery men for checking their side mirrors while driving or if another car passes them

Amazon's AI cameras penalize delivery drivers for driving habits such as checking mirrors, yielding to other vehicles and even adjusting the radio.

Do you want to work in a tech company? These are the skills they are looking for

The demand for job profiles with technical and digital skills is growing and therefore talent is becoming one of the most difficult to find.

How Real Leaders Coach Their Employees For Success

The best benefit of effective coaching is improved employee engagement.

Steve Taplin

PTSD in Leaders Is Rising -- Here's What We Can Do About It

The pandemic and its aftermath have brought trauma to us all, and leaders are no exception. In a time when leaders are experiencing even more stressors than usual, acknowledging their mental wellbeing and doing our part to help them is crucial.

Sharon Harris

Holding Employers Accountable for Workplace Culture

Too often, employees find themselves helpless when it comes to holding managers accountable for the company's values.

Jesper Schultz

What are the skills of the future?

The implementation of technology, the home office and the acceleration of e-commerce became a trend and of course professional markets underwent a transformation and will continue to do so.