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5 Fintech Companies Working to Better Your Investing Future

Can the Motor City switch its focus from cars to finance? One Detroit-based financial news and data company thinks so.

Darrah Brustein

· 5 min read

Going to the Bank Again? Say Goodbye to That.

The rise of 'Fin-Tech' means that, more and more, banking will be coming to you (and your device).

Jess Ekstrom

· 4 min read

Here's How Industries Are Marrying All of Us to Technology

Fintech startups are trying to 'put a ring on it' by urging banks to keep up with digital makeovers and strategic partnerships.

Ross Mason

· 6 min read

The Real Reason Banks Deny Loans to Many Small-Business Owners

Do you know your business credit score? And what are you doing to raise it?

Levi King

· 6 min read

Why the Consumer and Finance Industries Are Ripe for Disruption

As big and important as these sectors are to our daily lives, innovation is seriously lagging.

Ryan Caldbeck

· 5 min read