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Buying / Investing in Business

An Entrepreneur's Blueprint for Crafting a Pitch Deck That Wows Investors

Developing a great pitch deck is critical for obtaining business funding, with an emphasis on connecting with investors' objectives and preferences while stressing design, clarity and a passionate narrative.

Growing a Business

How Therapy Helped Me Train My Intuition to Make Decisions Quickly

"It was a powerful forum for me to discover my potential," Andrew Blackmon says.

News and Trends

India Loses 2 Tycoons This Diwali- PRS Oberoi and Kedarnath Aggarwal

PRS Oberoi, Chairman Emeritus of Oberoi Hotels Private Limited, the major shareholder of EIH Limited, has been credited with putting the group on a global map. While Kedarnath Aggarwal, along with his brother, came to Delhi to expand their family business, finally earning the title "Bikanervala"

Starting a Business

Being 'Lazy' Paid Off: Her Failed Side Hustle Led to a Business That Brings in Over $100 Million a Year

Jane Lu couldn't imagine working her 9-5 for the next 40 years — so she chose a different path.

Buying / Investing in Business

7 Questions Every Founder Should Ask Potential Investors

Investors ask a lot of questions, but you should also be interviewing them. Here's what to ask.

Thought Leaders

He Went From Zero to Over $100 Million in Net Worth — and Adopting This '9-Figure' Mindset Made It Possible

Brandon Dawson, co-founder and CEO at Cardone Ventures, learned a lot from the loss of his first company.

Growing a Business

This Nurse Turned $500 in Savings Into $100 Million in Sales After Sharing Her Hair Care Routine on YouTube. Now She's Revealing Her Secrets to Success.

Courtney Adeleye sold $10 million worth of products out of her home within three years of launch.

Business News

Founders' Salaries Are Shockingly Humble, New Report Finds

Startup founders earn $114K on average annually, with 46% making less than $100K a year.

Starting a Business

So You Sold Your First Business and Now You're Starting a New One — Here's How to Make Sure It's a Success.

Starting a second company after selling your first can be daunting, but it's also an exciting opportunity to prove yourself and create something amazing.


How to Navigate a Looming Recession as a Founder

Here are five key strategies that founders can use to navigate a recession from the onset.

Thought Leaders

How To Know if Your Startup Has a Proper Founder-Market Fit

Startups in their early stages face the challenge of limited data, leading investors to evaluate the co-founding team's potential for success. Founder-market fit, where founders' skills and qualities align with market needs, becomes crucial for investors. The article provides insights on how founders can demonstrate their founder-market fit to investors.


3 Key Lessons Business Founders Can Learn From Our Founding Fathers This Independence Day

A great founder's story is about the people, the risks they took and their reasons. Just ask our founding fathers.

Growing a Business

How to Evolve Your Organization's Culture Without Losing Its Essence

Founders can maintain their companies' "secret sauce" while evolving their cultures to meet the strategic needs of a much larger enterprise. Here's how.

Starting a Business

From Paper Wealth to Material Wealth — 3 Things Founders Need to Know About Liquidity

Today, companies are staying private longer. The article highlights three key things founders should consider in this new entrepreneurial journey to keep valuation high and reach a liquidity event.