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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Kids: The New 'Sesame Street'?

Old enough to remember television's inception? Keeping that time frame in perspective can help you understand how VR will roll out over the coming years.

How Playing Pokémon Go Could Change Your Vision

Turns out, staring at a screen may not be so awful for your eyes.

5 Ways Your Higher-Ed Brand Can Use 'Pokémon Go' to Increase Foot Traffic

Who knew that this national craze could drive young people (in droves) to your campus?

Success of Pokemon GO Adds Impetus for Change at Nintendo

Until Pokemon GO, a mobile game, was launched just over a week ago, Nintendo had taken every opportunity to say its main focus was still gaming consoles, and games for smartphones were just a means to...

How Cemeteries, Police and the Holocaust Museum are Coping With Pokemon Go Fever

Pokemon is taking the world by storm -- even in places we'd least expect.

Why You Won't Be Playing Super Mario Bros. in VR Anytime Soon

While Nintendo is investigating virtual reality technology, it is focusing on its forthcoming NX console until VR becomes more mainstream.
Technology Innovation

Coming Soon To Your Apple Watch...Gaming

Steven De Mar talks about the beginning of his company, LED Gaming, and the future of legalized online gaming concepts.

What's Next in Interactive Gaming?

Younger players want more casual content – like Candy Crush and Bejeweled – in the casino space.
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