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Decoded: Indian E-sports Sector

According to the FICCI and EY e-sports report of 2021, e-sports is to set to generate over INR300 million worth of revenue by the year 2025 and the games popularized by e-sports tournaments will generate over INR14 billion in in-app purchase revenue by the year 2025

Saptak Bardhan

The Girl Gamer

We have created an interactive entertainment platform, with over 75 million registered users spending an average of 50 mins a day: Saumya Singh Rathore

What My Kids' Roblox Addiction Taught Me About the Metaverse

While business leaders are speculating about the metaverse, our kids are already living in it.

Tina Mulqueen

Así responde la industria de los videojuegos a la invasión rusa a Ucrania

Activision Blizzard fue la primera en levantar la voz; hoy las grandes desarrolladoras de videojuegos han retirado sus productos y servicios de territorio ruso.

A Game Changer For the Gaming Industry?

The announcement of setting up an AVGC promotion task force has been lauded by experts; 5G spectrum auction and digital rupee to help the industry

The Decentralization of Monopolized Marketplaces - How Technology Will Succeed Where Politics is Failing

The blockchain will decentralize established economic structures and return profits and power to the people.

Kurt Ivy

3 Ways NFT Gaming Is Building New Wealth Opportunities

And you don't have to be a gamer or NFT expert to get in on the action.

Fred Schebesta

Polygon Invests in Hike's Rush Gaming Universe

Polygon will host RGU on its network and will help Hike build its web 3.0 presence

Shrabona Ghosh Raises $1 Million In Seed Round

Diginoor aims to make NFT adoption mainstream in India with curated Indian entertainment content

Shrabona Ghosh

Millions of Dollars and Thumb Injuries: League of Legends Champion Series Is No Game

Head of CLG Greg Kim and pro player Juan "Contractz" Garcia break down the astronomical numbers behind the League Champion Series.

Dan Bova

Play-to-earn Sector Sees a Boost With New Generation of Blockchain Games

Polker.Game is an up-and-coming blockchain-based poker platform that recently announced that Chainlink would be integrated into their platform

Anirban Roy

Sustainable Ways to Facilitate User Acquisition in the Casual Gaming Space

The casual gaming space has proven to be more than just a bubble, and growth teams are exploring ways to keep the momentum going in the post-pandemic world.

Ido Wiesenberg