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'Doesn't Make Sense to Spend $100 on Candy': Consumers Haunted by 'Outrageous' Prices of Halloween Candy as Costs Soar

The cost of candy and gum has spiked by 12.8% compared to last year, surpassing the overall grocery price increase of 6.7%.


'That Job Was Hell': 7 Founders Share Their Worst Boss Horror Stories, and What They Learned From the Lunatics

These entrepreneurs lived through bad boss nightmares, but they got the upper hand in the end.

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They Opened a Witchy Small Business Offering a Service Beloved By Many. Then a Police Officer Told Them It Was Illegal.

Beck Lawrence, 26, just wanted to spread the word about their metaphysical shop in Hanover, Penn.

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A Popular Halloween Candy Is Being Recalled After a 7-Year-Old Dies From Choking

The rolling candy has been pulled from shelves ahead of the holiday.


¿Podrían multar al dueño de los Vaqueros de Dallas por su disfraz de Halloween?

La controvertida foto del disfraz de Jerry Jones fue publicada por su sobrina.

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The Dallas Cowboys' Owner May Be Fined for His Halloween Costume. Was It Demeaning?

The controversial photo of Jerry Jones' costume was posted by his niece.


Elon Musk lleva un disfraz de $7,500 dólares a la fiesta de Halloween de Heidi Klum y llega acompañado por su madre

Poco días después de haber tomado el control de Twitter el multimillonario lució una armadura roja.

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Elon Musk Wears $7,500 Costume to Heidi Klum's Halloween Party, Brings Mom Maye as Date

The billionaire sported red armor just days after his Twitter takeover.

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Halloween Candy Wrappers Are Scaring Away Recycling Companies

Much of the waste caused by 600 million tons of candy produced every year ends up in landfills. Here's why.


¿Ya lo jugaste? Google celebra Halloween con un Doodle interactivo

El buscador revive "El gran duelo de necrófagos", el Doodle multijugador que liberó por primera vez en 2018.


The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing a Halloween Costume at Work

Here are three things to keep in mind to ensure everyone can feel included and enjoy Halloween.

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Top 10 Horror Movie Entrepreneurs

It's the spookiest time of the year! Let's turn out the lights, turn on our favorite horror films, and learn important entrepreneurship skills.