3 Ways to Help Employees Get Back to Work After the Holidays

Keep these ideas in mind for getting employees motivated and back in the groove after a holiday break.

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The Worker and Employer Benefits of an Extended Holiday Break

Giving employee time off and extra flexibility around the end of the year can pay off in some unexpected ways.

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Are Your Christian Holidays Excluding Your Staff? DEI Expert Reveals How We Can Equitably Handle Time Off For The Company.

Before you hit "deny" on that PTO request, make sure you aren't saying no to someone's religious holiday needs. There are three religious and cultural holidays in December that may have slipped your mind.

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5 Ways AI Can Help Small Businesses Boost Holiday Sales, According to an Expert From Google

AI is creating new opportunities for small business owners. Here's how to take advantage.

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A Christmas Miracle? Kentucky Boss Gifted Her Staff Lottery Tickets—And They Won $50,000. 'This Is Going to Help a Lot of People.'

Twenty-one lucky Kentucky healthcare workers will split their winnings. One employee plans to use the money to pay for her mom's cancer treatment.

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This 15-Year-Old Couldn't Find an Inflatable Santa That Represented His Family. 10 Months Later, He Runs a Business Bringing Inclusiveness to the Holidays.

High school student Cason Dean discusses what sparked his idea to create Inclusive Christmas, a line of decorations for underrepresented cultures.

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4 Online Fraud Concerns for Retailers this Holiday Season and How to Protect Yourself Against Them

The end-of-the-year holiday season, a.k.a. the shopping season, is the time when online retailers suffer the most from fraud attempts. Being aware of the different types of fraud online retailers are exposed to is the first step in protecting against them.

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I Used a Just-Launched AI Tool to Find a Christmas Present for My Fiancé. It Didn't Go As Expected — But It Was Definitely an Eye Opener.

AI makes all sorts of things easier — so why not the sometimes difficult task of choosing the perfect gift?

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One Rabbi Saw a Gap in the Market for Giant Menorahs. 35 Years Later, He's Gone From Selling 20 a Year to Thousands. is on track to sell more than 5,000 menorahs this year, the most in its history.


Get 24 Roses for $35 with This Holiday Deal

Order these roses by December 7 for on-time holiday delivery.


How to Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Here are four great ways you can support small businesses during the holiday season.

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How to Transform Your Company's Website Into a Real Money Maker This Holiday Season

Ecommerce is not only for retail businesses — service-based businesses need to seize the holiday season market, too. Here's a strategic plan for SMBs and the agencies that serve them, emphasizing the benefits of transforming websites into transactional sites.


5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Grow Sales All Winter Long

Let's unpack the UK's largest-selling event and reveal how you can make sure your brand comes out on top in the winter season.