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6 Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire Brand Ambassadors

Boost your brand's visibility and credibility with budget-friendly strategies for acquiring brand ambassadors.


The Podcast Industry is Changing: Hala Taha Shares Three Trends You Must Be Aware Of

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India's Influencer Marketing Will Shoot Up To 34 Billion By 2026

According to a recent Ficci EY analysis, as businesses increasingly look to social-media influencers to increase sales and enhance brand engagement, India's influencer marketing industry is anticipated to grow to Rupees 34 billion by 2026, from Rupees 19 billion in 2023.


4 Ways Brands Can Use Influencers for Better Sales This Summer

The power of influencer marketing is unquestionable. It is projected to hit around $21 billion in 2024 and is no longer optional but inevitable for brands aiming to grow and capture new audiences.


Why Being Your Own Influencer Is the Key to Success For Entrepreneurs

Are you showing up as a face in your business? If not, here is why you are missing a major opportunity for brand impact and loyalty and what you can do about it.

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5 Vital Influencer Marketing Metrics You Should Know

By tracking these five metrics, you can identify influencers delivering positive ROI and continually refine your approach for improved results.

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Leveraging The Power of Influence: How A Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Brand Reach New Heights

When influencer marketing is authentic and strategic, brands can stand out in the competitive world of social media.

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The Creator Economy Is Worth $250 Billion. 5 Experts Share How To Get Your Cut

You don't need a big audience to make a big impact


7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Collaboring With an Influencer

Influencers of all sizes can help brands meet a new audience in 2024.

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Influencers Have Some Serious Power — Are They a Worthwhile Spend for Brands?

Influencers have some serious sway, but are they worth it?


What's the Best Social Media Influencer Option for Your Business?

The success of an entire marketing campaign involving influencers hinges on the meticulous selection of the right social media blogger. Do you know how to choose the right one?


Los influencers virtuales hiperrealistas se apoderan de Instagram. ¡Conoce a los principales!

Hoy la tecnología nos permite crear a personajes virtuales con aspecto absolutamente real. Estas son solo algunas muestras.

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Why Influencers and Ecommerce Should Be the New Power Duo for Your Business

The convergence of ecommerce with social media influencers creates a dynamic symphony of trust, engagement, and sales.

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Free Webinar | November 16: Influencer Outreach 101: Strategy, Tactics, Examples, and Templates

Uncover strategies, tactics, real-world examples, and templates that will connect with influencers effectively and elevate your brand's visibility. Register now →


Are Influencers Actually Influential? How Influencer Marketing Can Deliver Brand Impact

As marketing budgets diversify with greater expectations of ROI, influencers and the creator economy have become an organic pathway for outreach and brand awareness