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Starting a Business

5 Vital Influencer Marketing Metrics You Should Know

By tracking these five metrics, you can identify influencers delivering positive ROI and continually refine your approach for improved results.


Tech Burner, Mumbiker Nikhil, Chef Sanjyot Keer And More: Creators And Their Businesses

They're everywhere. On Instagram, YouTube and Facebook when we're scrolling through reels. In our friends whatsapp groups with a comic take on the latest trend or with an informed opinion on the current news story.

Business News

This Obscure Product Gained Viral TikTok Fame and Soared to $125 Million in Sales — But 'Steering the Cult' Can Be 'a Little Scary'

Sophie Hinchliffe's social media influence transformed The Pink Stuff from little-known cleaning paste to household name.

Business News

Don't Say This Word on a Cruise Ship, Warns a Passenger Whose Major Faux Pas Shocked Other Travelers and Crew

TikTok influencer Marc Sebastian learned the hard way that some words are better left on the shore.

Social Media

Leveraging The Power of Influence: How A Strong Influencer Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Brand Reach New Heights

When influencer marketing is authentic and strategic, brands can stand out in the competitive world of social media.

Growing a Business

This Creator Scaled His Business to $600K in Just 18 Months - Here's His 3 Step Process for You to Follow

Build your revenue and online impact from the comfort of your own home

Side Hustle

The Creator Economy Is Worth $250 Billion. 5 Experts Share How To Get Your Cut

You don't need a big audience to make a big impact


7 cosas que las marcas deben considerar antes de colaborar con un influencer

Los influencers de todos los tamaños pueden ayudar a las marcas a alcanzar nuevas audiencias en 2024.


7 Things Brands Should Consider Before Collaboring With an Influencer

Influencers of all sizes can help brands meet a new audience in 2024.

Social Media

Rajiv Makhni: The Un-Influencer

Interestingly, Makhni doesn't like the term influencer at all.

News and Trends

Yashraj Mukhate: Who Was In The Kitchen?

The engineer's quirky and entertaining content has led him to garner 7.7 million followers across social media.

Women Entrepreneur®

Neha Nagar: The Trusty Finfluencer

Known as one of the most consistent finfluencers, she does have some interesting fan experiences.


Ahmed Navaaz aka Chill Gamer: A Gamer of the Long Run

With 7.31 million subscribers on YouTube, Navaaz believes in striving for the best when it comes to entertaining his subscribers


Chef Kunal Kapur: A (Master)chef's Artistry

For the G20 Summit, which took place in September this year, Kapur curated a full-course millets-based meal with a special highlight being the 'Jowar & Mushroom Khichda' for First Ladies of the UK, Japan and Turkey

Social Media

A People's Philosopher: Robin Sharma

His very first book "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" influenced millions across the world. Besides being an author, Sharma is also a renowned speaker, business and leadership coach.