How Influencer Ruhee Dosani Became 'That Punjabi Kudi'

Ruhee Dosani is the peppy Punjabi girl who would often show up on your Instagram Reels wearing her trademark black hat, plaited, long, black hair and cool shades.

RJ Abhinav: The Journey From Engineer to Comedy Influencer

Being a content creator was never the plan, in fact during any career counselling session, the only terms he used to hear was engineer or doctor, which is what most of his classmates opted for.

Anupam Mittal: The Sutradhar

Shark Tank India Judge and Founder and CEO, - People Group

This Marketing Method Has the Potential for 20x ROI. Are You Using It the Right Way?

Here's how to raise your game with influencer marketing to drive more engagement and even more profitable results.

John Boitnott

Harun Robert: Your Art Guy Next Door

Inspiring, entertaining, and aspirational, the three words perfectly define Rob's content, which has now taken a drastic leap from a television medium to a digital one

Paromita Gupta

Rachna Ranade: Spreading Knowledge Globally

For the content, Ranade and her team brainstorm right from ideation to video editing. In 2023, Ranade aims to establish herself as a brand at the local as well as global level.

Priya Kapoor

4 Ways to Turn Influencers You Pay Into True Fans of Your Brand

In order for your relationship with influencers to work, you've got to find the right ones and do more than simply give them campaigns to work on.

John Boitnott

The Unpredictable Creator Economy: Where Will Our Next Big Creator Come From?

When you speak to the top content creators and influencers in the country, one constant comment you shall hear from them is about the unpredictability of the algorithms of different social media platforms.

Twitter ahora mostrará el número de veces que un tuit ha sido visto

Elon Musk se empeña en demostrar que su red social está más viva que nunca. Ahora mostrará información en torno a los "views" de cada uno de tus posteos.

'I Literally Had to Beg': Influencers Say NYC Landlords Aren't Renting Them Apartments

In a tight real estate market, even social media stars who earn six figures are finding it hard to land an apartment in the Big Apple.