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Diipa Buller Khosla: The Global Indian

Diipa Buller Khosla is a renowned influencer with a strong digital presence that runs parallel to her entrepreneurship work. We recently had an opportunity to chat with her and asked how important a virtual connection is for entrepreneurs in today's day and age.

Growth Strategies

Intimate Talks: 14 Things We Learnt About Influencers in 2023

Zoom interviews, discussions, panel discussions and fireside chats- in our varied interactions with influencers we spoke to them about their personal journeys, views on the influencer industry, growth tips, mental health and much more.


Deep Dive: 13 Things We Learnt About The Influencer Ecosystem In 2023

Increasingly, influencers are replacing celebrities, whether it is in advertisements, brand promotions, collaborations and much more.


Zervaan Bunshah: The Virtual Artist

A household brand Lays recently introduced a change to their staple blue flavor which they quickly retrieved and brought back the original. What added to this change becoming a digital highlight was Bunshah's hilarious video ranting about the new taste that had 7 million views in the span of hours.


Awez Darbar: The Dancing Star

Your work should be your passion, says Darbar


Los influencers tienen un gran poder, ¿son una inversión valiosa para las marcas?

Los influencers tienen una influencia considerable, pero ¿realmente valen la pena?

Starting a Business

76% of Teens Say They're 'Likely' to Start a Business — and Many of Them Cite This Polarizing Reason

The next generation is interested in entrepreneurship — but some might question their source of inspiration.

Social Media

Influencers Have Some Serious Power — Are They a Worthwhile Spend for Brands?

Influencers have some serious sway, but are they worth it?


What's the Best Social Media Influencer Option for Your Business?

The success of an entire marketing campaign involving influencers hinges on the meticulous selection of the right social media blogger. Do you know how to choose the right one?


Los influencers creados con inteligencia artificial se hacen popualres en Instagram y otras 4 noticias destacadas de la semana

Desde la popularidad de los nuevos influencers creados con inteligencia artificial, hasta algunos consejos para evitar perder la información en Google Drive, estas son algunas de las noticias más destacadas de la semana.


Esta influencer tiene casi 150,000 seguidores en Instagram y gana más de $10,000 dólares al mes. Solo hay un detalle: no es real

Aitana López tiene más de 149,000 seguidores en Instagram y las marcas la adoran. ¿Será ella el futuro del marketing en redes sociales?


Los influencers virtuales hiperrealistas se apoderan de Instagram. ¡Conoce a los principales!

Hoy la tecnología nos permite crear a personajes virtuales con aspecto absolutamente real. Estas son solo algunas muestras.

Science & Technology

This Influencer Has Nearly 150,000 Instagram Followers and Makes Over $10,000 a Month. There's Just One Catch — She's Not Real.

Aitana López has over 149,000 Instagram followers and brands love her. Is she the future of social media marketing?


How Social Media Is Accelerating the Path to Thought Leadership Fame

How to position yourself as a guru or thought leader in your industry — and how social media can accelerate the process.

Growing a Business

Why Influencers and Ecommerce Should Be the New Power Duo for Your Business

The convergence of ecommerce with social media influencers creates a dynamic symphony of trust, engagement, and sales.