The Mega Millions Jackpot Has Passed $1 Billion – But That's Before Taxes

For the fourth time in history, a lottery prize is over a billion dollars - and the tax bill is equally astronomical.

Pizza Delivery Driver Sues Friends Over $1 Million Lottery Win

The man claims he was part of the pool even though he didn't always pay his share.

Amanda Breen

Man Wins Mega Millions After Cashier Makes Mistake on Lottery Ticket

One printing mistake at a mini mart left Josh Buster with a very lucky accident.

Emily Rella

California Woman Wins Lottery by Accident

Luck was on her side in a very unexpected way.

Amanda Breen

North Carolina Man Wins Lottery Twice After Accidentally Buying 2 Identical Tickets

The prize is one of the Lucky for Life drawing's largest, second only to a $1,000-a-day-for-life payout, and the man has plans to invest the winnings in his business.

Amanda Breen

Woman Says She Accidentally Destroyed $26 Million Winning Lottery Ticket in Washing Machine

Talk about quite literally washing your chances of millions of dollars away.

Emily Rella

The Small City 'Entrepreneur' Magazine Named One of the Country's Most Innovative Is Also Home to the $1 Billion Mega Millions Winner

We knew that Novi, MI was a hotbed for business investment, but couldn't have predicted it would be the epicenter of a historic lottery jackpot.

Kenny Herzog

How to Virtually Guarantee You'll Win the Lottery

Forget today's Powerball drawing. Head over to your library or neighborhood bookstore instead.

Brandon Turner

What Will You Do When You Don't Win the Powerball?

All the things you would do if you suddenly came into millions are actually within your grasp right now. Go for them.

Ray Hennessey

It's Time for the Private Sector to Break States' Stranglehold on Lotteries

All lotteries are simply taxes dressed as a way to better your financial health.

Ray Hennessey

Buying Up Powerball Tickets? Remember the Lottery is a Tax

There is a load of hoopla over the latest Powerball jackpot, now up to $235 million. But from a business standpoint, these kinds of lottery awards can be nothing but trouble.

Ray Hennessey