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You Can Rent Martha Stewart's Farmhouse for Just $11.23 — Here's How

The lifestyle maven will even join the lucky renters for brunch.


El ícono empresarial Martha Stewart y la presidenta de Shopify, Harley Finkelstein, hablan sobre NFT y espíritu empresarial en la fiesta navideña de Soho

'Entrepreneur' se sentó con Stewart y Finkelstein detrás del escenario para hablar sobre la pasión y la curiosidad, el impacto de la pandemia en la forma en que trabajamos y consumimos y, naturalmente, lo que se necesita para lanzar un negocio verdaderamente exitoso.

Business News

Business Icon Martha Stewart and Shopify President Harley Finkelstein Talk NFTs and Entrepreneurship at Soho Holiday Party

'Entrepreneur' sat down with Stewart and Finkelstein backstage to talk about passion and curiosity, the pandemic's impact on the ways we work and consume, and, naturally, what it takes to launch a truly successful business.

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9 Multimillionaires Who Lost It All but Came Back

You're never so rich you can't go broke and you're never so broke you can't get rich.

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10 Martha Stewart Quotes to Live By

There's much to learn from America's domestic queen.

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The Surprising App That Worries 'Mad Money's' Jim Cramer

The host of the CNBC show, who owns two small businesses, shared his top tips Saturday during the American Made Summit.

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Martha Stewart: These Are the Ingredients That Yield Business Success

'I don't think there are a lot of utterly fantastic products that go unnoticed nowadays,' the mogul told Entrepreneur at Saturday's American Made Summit.

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Martha Stewart Has Now Entered the Meal-Delivery Space

The partnership, called Martha & Marley Spoon, puts the icon directly in competition with startups Blue Apron, Plated, Munchery and others.

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6 Ways Martha Stewart Is Staying Relevant

Martha Stewart may be 73, but with drones, 3-D printing and a Kardashian connection, she's staying sharp in 2015.

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Elon Musk Profiled Kanye West? The Most Surprising Pairings on the TIME 100 List.

Did you expect Elon Musk to write Kanye West's bio? What about Martha Stewart covering the importance of Kim Kardashian?

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Martha Stewart Is Way More Into Tech Than You Ever Realized

From flying drones around her farm to collecting old computers to being one of the first investors in Google, the iconic domestic goddess has a penchant for technology.

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Martha Stewart and Jack Ma Powwow About Global Domination

The woman at the head of the U.S. home decor empire and the man at the head of the gigantic Chinese ecommerce platform have risen to become titans of business by bowing at the altar of the middle class.