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4 Ways to Lead Your Organization Through the Omicron Surge

Leaders are scrambling to minimize the highly contagious variant's impact on employees' mental health and engagement, while avoiding another wave of the Great Resignation.

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Why Black Entrepreneurs Should Consider Therapy

It's no secret that entrepreneurship is tough - we're constantly making decisions, managing finances, working long hours, providing customer service and supporting employees.

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2022 Workplace Trends and Why Employee Experience Matters

Here comes hybrid workplaces, Gen-Z ideals and a push for mental well-being.


Why Mental Health is Central to Your Business Continuity Plan

There's never been a more difficult time to be a business leader.

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How to Stop Imposter Syndrome From Killing Your Drive

Imposter Syndrome affects us all, but as an entrepreneur, your ability to manage it can make or break your business.

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The Science Of Flourishing: The Key To Addressing Employee Burnout

Leaders can set their employees up for success by incorporating flourishing practices into the habits and practices of their workplace.


Making Mindfulness Work For You: The How-To

To handle stress and the uncertainties around us, we often need that creative, analytical part of the brain to open. Mindfulness is the key to make that switch.


Want To Give Your Employees An Extra Treat For All That They Have Done Through 2021? Here's How To Make It Count

Now more than ever, companies need to prioritize rewarding their people, those essential individuals who kept these companies afloat thanks to their loyalty, dedication, patience, and trust.

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How A Healthy Mind Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Don't leave money on the table when you neglect to invest in the mind.


Mental Health Support Is a Big Personal Learning: GCPL CEO

To help navigate through the emotional crisis induced by the pandemic, Godrej Consumer Products Limited came up with an official support plan for its employees

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How Entrepreneurs Can Protect Their Mental Health While Being Their Own Boss

Here are a few ways that entrepreneurs can protect their mental health throughout the stressful, but rewarding journey of creating and building their own business.

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Remote Work Anxiety is Real. Here's How to Help Employees Who Have It.

Remote work anxiety is on the rise as people spend more of the workday at their home office. Here's what you can do to help employees facing these mental health issues.


UAE-Based Takalam Aims To Promote Mental Wellness In The Arab World By Offering Accessible Online Counseling

Takalam, which means speak in Arabic, connects individuals and entities directly with professional counselors through a private and personalized digital experience using video, audio, and instant messaging, with the option of anonymity.

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3 Ways to Avoid Entrepreneur Burnout

Hustling 24/7 might allow you to reach your short-term goals, but down the road, burnout will creep in.