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5 Things You Can Learn From Britney Spears' Conservatorship

Avoid your life becoming a circus with these strategies.

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It's Official: Mental Health Not a Taboo

With the proposed launch of National Tele Mental Health Programme, the Indian government has recognized the need to tackle the invisible enemy


Mental Health Taking Baby Steps In The Indian Market

As India is moving towards modernization, the mental health start-ups have been a source of light in the dark times for India. According to a report, the global behavioural health market size is projected to surpass from an estimated USD 140.01 Billion in 2019 to USD 242 Billion by the end of 2027.

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Stop Sounding So Negative! How to Recognize Your Negativity Bias and Tell A More Positive Story

Your inner storyteller can be turned to the light.


What Can An Employer Do To Break The Taboo Around Counselling

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc, appending to the existing stress, putting the work-life balance for a toss that has given rise to multiple mental health issues like depression, fear, anxiety, and the kind.

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Why Entrepreneurs Need To Prioritize Their Wellbeing As They Launch And Run Businesses

While starting a business comes with many advantages, there is also a very important factor that not many people discuss in the entrepreneurial world, and that is the psychological price of entrepreneurship.

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I'm a Keynote Speaker on Suicide Prevention. When I Feel Like Quitting, I Reach for This File.

Do you have a place where you keep positive feedback? Mine keeps me going when I want to give up.


Having Fun Will Make You More Productive in 2022. Are You Ready to Play?

Now more than ever, we should allow ourselves to push the reset button.


5 Ways Mental Fitness Apps Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Treating your mental health with as much importance as exercise will treat you well in the long run.

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2021, The Year That Was: Aakanksha Tangri, Founder, Re:Set

The year saw Re:Set cross a million visitors to its platform, and this achievement has now gone on to lay the foundation for its further growth and development.

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How to Overcome Anticipatory Anxiety as an Entrepreneur

Anticipatory anxiety is common among entrepreneurs, but making some changes in our businesses and even our resumes can set the foundation for a great start.

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Why Selena Gomez Is Cofounding a Mental Health Media Company With Her Mom Mandy Teefey and Newsletter Whiz Daniella Pierson: "Once I Understood What Was Happening In My Mind, I Gained a Sense of Purpose"

Gomez's openness about her mental health struggles has endeared her to millions of fans. Now she's channeling her influence into a business that will help others speak up and feel seen.


How To Recharge Your Positivity Battery At Work

Experiencing a positivity deficit? Here are a few ways to recharge and refocus.

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Feeling Burnt Out? Here's How You Can Reclaim Your Life

All of us have been, at one point in time or the other, emotionally drained, unmotivated, or completely burnt out at work. And it's ok- it's a natural response as human beings, and one that we all go through.

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4 Ways to Lead Your Organization Through the Omicron Surge

Leaders are scrambling to minimize the highly contagious variant's impact on employees' mental health and engagement, while avoiding another wave of the Great Resignation.