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3 LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Share How Being Out and Proud Fuels Their Business

The courage that comes with being queer is also an important ingredient in entrepreneurship.

Health & Wellness

3 Hidden Mental Health Hurdles That Threaten Productivity and Profit

An outside-the-box approach to workplace wellness


An Unexpected Way One Leader Reduced Loneliness Among Their Team

This paradoxical approach is helping to strengthen the connections of a team.


The New Leadership Discipline Required in the Age of Isolation

Loneliness is rampant in today's workforce. Here's why leaders are best suited to tackle the growing issue.


3 Reasons Worker Loneliness Is Growing, and the Role Leaders Must Play

Leaders must be ready to address the growing loneliness among their teams.

Social Media

Authenticity is Currency on Social Media

Interview with Chef Dave Critchley of Lu Ban Liverpool about the importance of mental health in the restaurant business and learning to be himself online.


4 Expert-Backed Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Experts say anxiety is a habit -- and like any habit, it can be broken. Here's how.

Women Entrepreneur™

The Friends Therapy

jumpingMinds is on a mission of spreading one billion-plus smiles and making mental health easily accessible.


It's The Era Of The Great Resignation: Why Now Is The Time To Commit To Change

The World Health Organization defines burnout as 'feelings of exhaustion and reduced effectiveness resulting from chronic workplace stress', and burnout had been mounting since before the pandemic. But now with stress peaking, millions of workers are quitting or experiencing stress-related, physical, and mental issues.

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The Elephant In the Rooms Of Corporate India: Mental health

The pandemic may prove to be the turning point with mental health emerging as one of the key concerns in corporate India

News and Trends

Surefire Ways To Improve Access To Mental Health Counsel And Why Organizations Should Revisit Their Definition Of 'Wellness'

Making wellness a part of the company's standard evaluation approach, whether it is completed quarterly, monthly or weekly, is the need of the hour

Growing a Business

Inbox Zero Is a Fantasy. I'm Trying for Calendar Zero Instead.

You can't control who reaches out or asks for your time. But you can control who you give it to.


Thinking of Mental Health Therapy? Go Through This Checklist.

If you're struggling with any of the signs listed in the article, you may benefit from some professional help.

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4 Trends in the Way Millennials Approach Healthcare

From an insistence upon price transparency to increased awareness of mental health issues, how 26- to 40-year-olds are changing care, and caregivers.


I Tried to Biohack My Depression In 90 days, But It Didn't Go As Planned

Any entrepreneur battling mental-health issues needs to watch this video.