Mental Health

There is insurance for your pet and here are some reasons to consider it

According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 57 out of every 100 Mexican households have a pet.

Free Webinar | August 10: How to Implement Mental Health & Wellness in the Workplace

Discover how to become a better leader in the workplace and be more mindful of your employees' mental health when you join us for this webinar with industry expert Cece Morken of Headspace.

3 LGBTQ Entrepreneurs Share How Being Out and Proud Fuels Their Business

The courage that comes with being queer is also an important ingredient in entrepreneurship.

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6 Ways Self-Leadership Can Help You Take Control of Your Life and Business

If you're eager to see different results, self-leadership could help you achieve them.

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Why Are Americans Illiterate When It Comes to Mental Health, and How Can We Change That?

Ariela Safira founded her digital therapy company after a friend experienced a traumatic event.

Now Is the Time to Start Embracing Mental Health in the Workplace

Both workers and leaders must learn how to support their coworkers and, most importantly, themselves.

Increased use of mental and emotional health apps: what can companies do to strengthen their culture of well-being?

It is no coincidence that the average use of mental and emotional health applications has grown by 54% in the period January to April in 2021.

Amazon presented its 'meditation cabin' for stressed employees and in networks they respond with hate and memes

The intention was to counter criticism for allegations of mistreatment of employees, but the 'meditation booth' unleashed the fury of Internet users.

Shifting the Narrative: Entrepreneurs and Mental Health

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, it might seem impossible to balance the demands and needs of the business with the demands and needs of your own mental health and personal wellbeing.

5 Ways Mental Fitness Apps Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Treating your mental health with as much importance as exercise will treat you well in the long run.

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