Mental Health


How to Find Balance When You're a Startup Founder

The CEO of IOVLabs and co-founder of Rootstock shares how to juggle your professional aspirations while prioritizing your health and well-being.


We Need a Real Commitment to Mental Health at Work. Here's How (and Why).

Employee mental health and wellbeing cannot be something that companies just pay lip service to without making real change. Awareness is only one part of the equation.


On Busy Days, Get Some Stress Relief With These Tech Toys for Grown Ups

From a Lego rendition of Van Gogh's "Starry Night," to a robotic mower that cuts the grass for you.

Health & Wellness

Unlocking a $100B Opportunity: How Aura Is Transforming the Wellness Market

Wellness technology is a $4.8T global market with an unexplored mental health niche. Aura is a fast-growing health and wellness startup. Here's why.

Starting a Business

After Nearly Dying From an Eating Disorder, She Raised $75 Million for a Startup to Make Evidence-Based Treatment Affordable for Everyone

Kristina Saffran spent years in the nonprofit world figuring out the most evidence-based treatments, and then built a company on that knowledge.

News and Trends

Nearly Half Of the Corporate Employees Have Poor Mental Health: Survey

The survey also revealed that close to 80% of employees have taken approximately two weeks of leave from work in the past year due to poor mental health

Health & Wellness

How to Balance the Screen Time, Tech Use and Mental Health of Children and Adults

Navigating the digital landscape while prioritizing mental health for children and adults can be thrilling and challenging.

Business Culture

How Leaders Can Create a Company Culture that Prioritizes Mental Health

Mental Health Month: Four strategies to foster positive workplace culture toward mental health

Business News

Late Hours, Lack of Leave Can Be Damaging to Your Mental Health, CDC Study Says

Less agency in the office can lead to poor mental health, according to a new report.

Growth Strategies

How Self-Leadership Can Help Move The Needle Forward On Your Vision And Goals

We all have a responsibility to ourselves to be effective in our self leadership to create the life and impact we desire.


Do Your HR Benefits Need a Pulse Check?

Standout among your peers with a refreshed approach to total rewards.


5 Ways to Start Healing After a Divorce

Finding a new life and happiness after divorce is possible.


How to Build a Healthier Workplace by Prioritizing Mental Health

Here are a few tips to help leaders take better care of their employees' mental health.


5 Challenges Leaders Are Facing Right Now (and How to Overcome Them)

Leaders who can find solutions to post-pandemic challenges are poised to thrive.

Growth Strategies

Saudi Arabia-Based Healthtech Startup Labayh Acquires UAE-Based Meditation App Nafas

The acquisition comes as part of Labayh's strategy to enhance the state of psychological well being in the Arab world, by creating unique mental health-focused experiences for its users.