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How to Upgrade Your Brain to Boost Focus and Productivity Discover the secrets to optimal brain health and cognition with leading expert Dr. Gregory Kelly.

By Ben Angel

Key Takeaways

  • Optimal brain function and cognition depend on getting enough sleep, whereas inadequate or lack of sleep can negatively impact focus and memory.
  • To support brain health and cognitive function, nootropics containing nutrients like choline and essential fatty acids can fill nutritional gaps.
  • Taking attention restoration breaks, especially in natural surroundings, can help restore focus and boost creativity while improving cognitive performance.

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Do you find yourself struggling to maintain focus and productivity in your personal and professional life? The fast-paced and ever-changing world we live in can make it challenging to tap into our full potential. Fortunately, we can optimize our cognitive abilities and thrive by finding solutions that work best for us.

So says this week's guest, Dr. Gregory Kelly, who is an expert in advanced clinical nutrition and has contributed to the field of mental health. In our conversation with Dr. Kelly, he emphasized the importance of establishing a solid foundation for focus and productivity by addressing fundamental aspects such as sleep and nutrition. By understanding the body's natural rhythms and the role of sleep in regulating cognitive function, we can create a better environment for our brains to function optimally.

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Additionally, nootropics – substances that enhance cognitive function and support brain health – can help fill nutritional gaps. Dr. Kelly has a deep understanding of cognitive systems and neurotransmitters, which he uses to formulate nootropic stacks holistically that upgrade various cognitive functions.

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Dr. Kelly also shed light on the importance of attention restoration and its impact on creativity because our brains require periodic breaks to restore attentional and cognitive capabilities. He shared his personal practices for attention restoration, such as taking walks in nature and engaging in kinesthetic activities. Dr. Kelly also highlighted the role of adaptogens, such as bacopa and alpha-GPC, in calming the brain and restoring focus.

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