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Staying At The Top Of Your Game: Switching From Work-Life Balance To Life Maximization

Create a meaningful day at work by seeing it as part of your daily life, rather than a separate entity.

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Imposter Syndrome — How to Upgrade Your Mindset to Outsmart This Mental Epidemic

This article explores the pervasive nature of imposter syndrome, detailing its impact on personal and professional aspects of life.

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This Financial Coach Only Understood the Value of Her Work After Her Husband Took His Own Life

Heidi McNulty has incorporated the difficult lessons she's learned into a successful financial coaching business.

Franchise 500 Annual Ranking

These 5 Brands Are Conquering the Franchise Industry at Warp Speed. Here's Why.

Every year, we look at the franchises that jumped the most spots on our Franchise 500. Here's what they're doing right.


12 Factors That Are Fueling Your Workplace Mental Exhaustion

If you feel burnt out at work, consider how these twelve factors determine your recovery time.

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Radical Self-Care Isn't Nice — It's Necessary. Redefine Boundaries Between Your Life and Career to Perform Your Best.

89% of Americans have experienced symptoms of burnout. That has to change. You can't show up as your best — at work or with others — if you don't take care of yourself first. Take a step back from burnout and embrace radical self-care. Here's how.

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4 Ways Intuitive Healing Can Save Your Life — And How to Get Started

Learning to trust and listen to your intuition is one of the best tools to utilize in any healing process.


Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Start Your Healing Journey

These tips will help you get ahead so that once the holidays are over, you have already made a commitment to heal and can start diving into action to accomplish your goals

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How Therapy Helped Me Train My Intuition to Make Decisions Quickly

"It was a powerful forum for me to discover my potential," Andrew Blackmon says.


Thanksgiving Is One of Few Paid Holidays U.S. Workers Have Off. They're Not Grateful for Stingy Vacation Policies — and the Breaking Point Is Near.

Joe Mull, a 20-year HR veteran and author of the new book 'Employalty: How to Ignite Commitment and Keep Top Talent in the New Age of Work,' reveals what's at stake.


She Was Afraid of Her Company Becoming the 'McDonald's of Mental Healthcare' Until She Realized This

Erin Pash discovered that franchising offered the best of both worlds for therapy practices.

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How to Calm Your Busy Mind, According to World-Renowned Brain Coach Jim Kwik

In this exclusive excerpt from Kwik's new book, he explains how to reclaim your brain and lower your stress.


How Diagnosing Your Brand Through the Metaphor of Mental Health Can Help You Get Unstuck

Explore how mental health metaphors like schizophrenia, anxiety and depression can illuminate your understanding of your brand, providing actionable insights to elevate your company's clarity and confidence.


3 Common Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Productivity

Learn how you can optimize your mental performance for productivity by avoiding these three common mistakes.


4 AI Tools To Keep Your Mental Health In Check

Demanding schedules, tight deadlines, and limited bandwidth factors coupled with remote working environments can create a perfect storm of workplace stress, directly impacting mental health. As advancements in AI technology continue, we can expect more tools and platforms that will help optimize productivity while taking care of our mental health.