7 Traits You Must Find In A Co-Founder

Starting a business is tough, so finding a co-founder and tackling the challenge together is a good idea. However, you should look for seven essential traits in your future co-founder to avoid trouble.

Roland Polzin

Why It's So Important for CEOs and CPOs to Build a Solid Relationship

CPOs are trusted advisors to the CEO, and without a solid relationship between the two, the entire company may suffer.

Michelle Arieta

Adidas Took Too Long to Drop Kanye West. A Behavioral Economist Reveals 3 Mental Blindspots That Could Explain The Company's Failed Response.

Adidas waited much, much longer than other companies that cut ties with Ye, but why is that? This dangerous judgment error could cost the company its reputation — and they occur more often than you think.

Gleb Tsipursky

Being a People Pleaser Almost Cost This CEO Her Clients. Here Are 4 Critical Lessons She Learned On Her Way to The Top.

Are you a people pleaser? I was — and as studies suggest, many other women are too. Here are four strategies that can help you shift from being an order taker to a strategic client partner.

Beth Newton

Why Local Partnerships Will Be Key To Turbocharging Amazon's Rollout In The MENA Region

The MENA region makes a lot of sense for Amazon, and Amazon also makes a lot of sense for the MENA region.

Scalenut Partners With Semrush To Help Businesses Dominate SERP

Through this partnership with Semrush, Scalenut aims to help their users scale SEO content

Teena Jose

Partners Are Your Brand Ambassadors — That's Why You Need to Give Them Training

Help your partners help you. With tailored partner training programs, you can equip partners for sales success.

Graham Glass

Here's What You Need to Consider Before Taking on a Business Partner

Do you really need a business partner? Here are a few things to consider.

Jessica Dennehy

Microsoft Becomes First Big Tech To Join ONDC

The company also said that it will launch a shopping app for Indian consumers to discover the best pricing among retailers and sellers

Teena Jose

SPAG Joins FINN Partners To Restructure Healthtech

The partnership makes FINN one of the largest agencies in health innovation and increases SPAG's global service capabilities and offerings for clients

Teena Jose

5 Steps to Get (Almost) Anyone to Connect With You on LinkedIn

Learn and implement a repeatable process for building a powerful network.

Terry Rice

5 Characteristics to Look for in a Business Partner

Looking for a business partner? Make sure they have the following five characteristics.

Nate Nead