Most Business Partnerships Fail — 5 Hacks to Make Sure Yours Stays Intact

Collabs may be all the rage, but whether or not they succeed comes down to the ability to forge strong and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Growing a Business

Want to Grow Your Business? Here's Why You Need Strategic Partnerships to Succeed.

The best way to put your new business on the map is through robust strategic collaborations with other businesses. Read on to learn how and why.

Thought Leaders

You Can Craft a Passion-Driven Success Story with the Proper Business Partners. Here's How.

Discover how rejecting misaligned opportunities and forging strategic partnerships based on passion and values can lead to a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

Growing a Business

This Is the Unseen Advantage Your Small Business Might Need

If you're ready to learn how to help your business increase revenue, access new markets, create better customer experiences and brand awareness, strategic alliances may be the answer you're looking for.


I Meet With More Than 1,000 People Every Month. Here Are 5 Ways I Can Tell Immediately If I Want To Partner With Them.

Here's how I learned to quickly recognize the personal qualities that make for a successful business partnership.

News and Trends

Tritiyaa Fine Jewellery Onboards Parineeti Chopra As Investor

The brand intends to grow to multiple locations including Bombay, Bangalore and Visakhapatnam

News and Trends

Apollo Hospitals Expands Partnership With Google Cloud

Apollo 24|7 aims to deliver an omnichannel healthcare experience to people in India with telemedicine services, online doctor consultations, home delivery of medication, and improved clinician decision making

News and Trends

Swiggy Partners With Gogoro To Provide EVs In Last-Mile Delivery

The partnership between Gogoro and Swiggy seeks to establish a seamless avenue for riders to adopt sustainable electric transportation

Growing a Business

Building Solutions In-House or Finding a Partner: Which Is Better? Here's What Leaders Need to Know.

Both partnerships and building solutions in-house can work, but the decision of which to use boils down to providing a cohesive, all-in-one solution. Here's what leaders should consider before making a decision.

Growing a Business

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Be Product-Driven to Succeed

For quite some time, venture capital companies have advocated for a product-driven business strategy. However, only a small number of start-up founders grasp its true meaning and effectively implement this strategy.

Social Media

7 Strategies for Entrepreneurs in Partner and Affiliate Marketing

Here are seven ways you need to keep in mind while working with marketing partners for your company.

News and Trends

Birlasoft Collaborates With Microsoft To Establish Generative AI Centre Of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence will serve as a research, training, and collaboration hub, empowering organizations to tailor solutions to complex business challenges

Growing a Business

Business Breakups — How to Break Free From Toxic Partnerships and Clients

Here are a few strategies to help you successfully break free from toxic business partners and clients.

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Temasek Seeks Partnerships To Deploy $5 Billion a Year In India: Report

Temasek India head Ravi Lambah said in an interview, the state investor is planning to hire another four to five investment professionals, bringing its India team to more than 20 people

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CoinDCX Partners With RegTech Jocata To Augment AML Compliance

The partnership will enable CoinDCX to enhance its compliance framework and navigate the regulations on the horizon