Side Hustle

This Insurance Agent Started a Side Hustle Inspired By Nostalgia for His Home State — Now It Earns Nearly $40,000 a Month

After moving to New York City, Danny Trejo started a business to stay in touch with his roots — literally.


Become a Plant Expert with This AI-Powered App, Now $14.97 for Life

Spruce up your space with help from this AI-powered plant app.

Science & Technology

Give an AI-Powered Plant Identifier This Holiday Season for Only $14.97

The app comes with a lifetime subscription and makes a great gift.


Keep Your Plants Healthy with This Simple, AI-Powered App

It helps you care for your plants and it's just $14.97 for life.


Nurture Dad's Green Thumb This Father's Day

Save 66% on the top plant ID app.


Gain Encyclopedic Knowledge of the Plants Around You With This App, Now $40 Off

Get a lifetime subscription to this plant ID app that turns you into an expert.

Business News

This Startup Is Using Plants to Capture Carbon Emissions

Carba converts plant waste into a charcoal-like substance called biochar.


Treat Your Plants Well with This Intuitive App

NatureID is a plant doctor, plant care guide, and encyclopedia in one.

News and Trends

Urvann Raises INR 3 Crore In Seed Funding

The funds will be utilized for the expansion of operations across the country


The Green Panther

Lazy Gardener has reimagined gardening to fit into the present urban environment, and make gardening easier for people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and living situations.

Science & Technology

Pico Max Is a New Kind of Indoor Garden Kit for Herbs and More

Forget pods. Pico Max lets you use your own seeds to plant a wide variety of flowers, succulents, and herbs.

Business News

Thinking Outside the Box: How Vegan and Vegetarian Brands Are Reinventing Frozen Pizza

It's not delivery, it's plant-based. And delicious.


In Times of Uncertainty, Shelf-Stable, Vegan Foods Make Consumers Feel a Little More Secure

Plant-based non-perishables that actually taste good? Yup.


Pour The Vegan Milk: Breakfast Cereals Pivot To Plant-Based, High-Protein, Low-Sugar Options

Cereal, both hot and cold, at the table or on the go, is the breakfast food of our childhoods and, yep, our future.

Health & Wellness

The Protein Bar Game Is Going Vegan

Plant-based protein is a trend that's here to stay in the health-minded snack market.