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5 High-Profile Reputation Nightmares Your Brand Can Learn from

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Starting a Business

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Here are three ways pre-launch startups can use PR to secure funding.

Growing a Business

5 Common Misconceptions About Public Relations

There are several misconceptions surrounding the field of public relations that can hinder entrepreneurs from fully leveraging its power.

Real Estate

How Real Estate Agents Can Effectively Leverage the Power of Public Relations

In the fiercely competitive world of real estate, establishing a reputable brand and gaining clients' trust is crucial for success.


I Accidentally Became a Successful Entrepreneur. Here Are 5 Mistakes I Learned to Avoid When Starting a Business

PR is, at its core, storytelling. And the story of my now-thriving solo-owned business has been fraught with as many mistakes as successes, as many fall down the ladder as steps up. It's from my missteps, in fact, that I learned even more than from my triumphs, and this article presents 5 of my biggest blunders on the road to a flourishing small business.


How Public Relations Builds Trust and Credibility for Your Startup

Learn how PR strategies like media connections, brand storytelling and customer relationship management can promote and maintain a thriving business


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PR Isn't Rocket Science -- But Elon Musk Wants You to Think It Is

Reading between the lines of Musk's public disdain for public relations and manufactured press.


Why Combining Public Relations and SEO Will Propel Your Business in Today's Digital Landscape

Integrating the results of keyword research with PR pitches to journalists, social media posts and other content all supports SEO rankings.

Growing a Business

How You Can Help Your Public Relations Provider Help You

A successful public relations effort requires input and engagement from both the PR provider AND the client. Here are seven ways a client can help their public relations provider help them.