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Are We Doing Enough to Encourage People Back to the Workplace?

As the landscape of work continues to evolve, the question arises: What can we do to make our workspaces places people actively want to return to?


Want Employees Back in the Office? What Leaders Are (Still!) Getting Wrong About This Ask

For leaders facing the tricky task of getting employees back to the office, here are four communications strategies to soften the blow.

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The Most Important Shift Hybrid Workforces Need to Thrive Is the One Most Are Ignoring

Successful hybrid work is not just about being in the office half the week.

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The Widespread Return to Office Has Spiked Sales for One Fresh-Smelling Product

Deodorant sales are on the rise as people forgo remote work.

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'It's Probably Not Going to Work Out for You at Amazon': CEO Andy Jassy Reprimands Employees Resisting Return to Office Mandate

Amazon employees who refuse to come into the office three days a week will be forced into a "voluntary resignation."

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Smucker's Employees Actually Want to Go Into the Office — Here's Why The Company's Return-to-Office Policy Works

Unlike other companies that have mandated strict in-person attendance, Smucker's strategy allows its 1,300 corporate workers to be on site primarily during 22 designated "core" weeks each year.


3 Mistakes You May Not Realize You're Making When Bringing Employees Back to the Office

A company is only as successful as its employees are happy — and upheavals like a return to office risk adding to employee dissatisfaction. You can ease that transition by getting back to basics. Here's how.


Returning to The Office Without a Strategy Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make. Follow These 4 Steps for a Perfect Transition.

To minimize conflict in the return to office process, it's critical to embrace a thorough, transparent and evidence-driven process. By following the four-pillar approach outlined in this article, you will lay the groundwork for a successful transition that benefits both your employees and your organization.


Are Employees Truly More Ethical in the Office? A Behavioral Economist Debunks This Deeply Rooted Belief.

Many leaders claim that employees are more ethical in the office, where they can see them — conversely, they're less ethical when working from the home office. Well, that conventional wisdom has been busted.


When Office Return Turns Sour: Apple and Twitter's Struggles Reveal Fractures in Corporate Culture

An inflexible approach to returning to the office highlights deeper issues of broken culture, social contract and trust in these companies.


Hybrid Employees Are More Productive at Home — But This is When You Should Ask Them to Come Into The Office

It's necessary for leaders to determine which face-to-face tasks are necessary to justify the in-office commute.


Why Employers Forcing a Return to Office is Leading to More Worker Power and Unionization

Demanding that employees return to the office could backfire against employers in the long run by spurring increases in labor union organizing. Here's why.

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You Might Not Have to Return to the Office After All — New Data Shows Remote Work May Be the Norm Again

A new report found that remote work experienced a sharp uptick between October and January, after a slump from its high in April 2021.


Does Starbucks and Disney's Return to The Office Indicate The End of an Era in Corporate America? Not Necessarily.

Do such headlines represent the reality of a new wave or are they just clickbait for anxious workers who want to avoid the threat of a forced office return?


You Can't Return to The Office Without Defeating These Four Major Battles

Think you're ready to return to a mostly or fully in-person workforce? Watch out and defeat these four major hurdles that will put your company's longevity to the ultimate test.