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What Private Equity Can Do for Your Company

Looking to grow or get liquid? If so, private equity might be a better option for you than venture capital.

Money & Finance

Selling a Business? A Delay Could Cost You

The impending capital gains tax rate hike offers a compelling reason to sell this year.

Growing a Business

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Follow these tips to maximize the success of your sale and preserve your peace of mind.

Growing a Business

Secrets to Selling Your Business

3 questions a buyer will ask before acquiring your company

Growing a Business

Are You Ready to Walk Away?

Selling your business is more than a financial matter; it's also an emotional decision.

Growing a Business

Four Keys to Selling In a Buyer's Market

Don't leave money on the table that could have been in your pocket.

Growing a Business

Plan Your Exit Strategy

A guide to building an exit strategy into your business from the start.

Growing a Business

Sell Your Company With Savvy

Are you coming off as too desperate to sell your company?


What's Driving the Business-for-Sale Rebound?

Key industry drivers that will fuel the market for 2010 and beyond


Are You Ready to Buy a Business?

5 questions to consider before you take the leap

Operations & Logistics

Money Well Spent

These 3 businesses made small but strategic investments that paid off big.

Starting a Business

Your 10-Year Exit Strategy

If you're looking toward retirement, plan ahead and sell when business is booming.

Money & Finance

Sell Your Business With Confidence

Don't lose leverage by appearing desperate in trying times.

Operations & Logistics

Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Business?

Make sure to do your research and due diligence before making the purchase

Money & Finance

Proactive Negotiation For Selling Your Business

10 commandments to make sure you get the best possible deal