Selling your Business - Page: 4

Business-for-Sale Market Ready to Expand

Here's what to expect when preparing your company to be sold.

Domenic Rinaldi

Five Smart Exit Strategies

When you're ready to hand over the reigns, here are your options.

Martin Zwilling

How to Find a Business Broker

Follow these tips to put the sale of your company in the right hands.

Mike Handelsman

What Private Equity Can Do for Your Company

Looking to grow or get liquid? If so, private equity might be a better option for you than venture capital.

Susan Schreter

Selling a Business? A Delay Could Cost You

The impending capital gains tax rate hike offers a compelling reason to sell this year.

Domenic Rinaldi

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Follow these tips to maximize the success of your sale and preserve your peace of mind.

Mike Handelsman

Secrets to Selling Your Business

3 questions a buyer will ask before acquiring your company

Are You Ready to Walk Away?

Selling your business is more than a financial matter; it's also an emotional decision.

Domenic Rinaldi

Four Keys to Selling In a Buyer's Market

Don't leave money on the table that could have been in your pocket.

Mike Handelsman

Plan Your Exit Strategy

A guide to building an exit strategy into your business from the start.

Sell Your Company With Savvy

Are you coming off as too desperate to sell your company?

Chris Penttila

What's Driving the Business-for-Sale Rebound?

Key industry drivers that will fuel the market for 2010 and beyond

Mike Handelsman