3 Ecommerce Stocks to Consider for Long-Term Buys

While there’s certainly a chance that stocks continue to face selling pressure in the coming months, it’s hard to bet against the long-term runway for the eCommerce industry.

Sean Sechler

Retailers Urging Congress to Take Action Against Shoplifters Selling Stolen Goods Online

A coalition of major retailers called on Congress Thursday to implement stricter legislation to increase transparency on e-commerce platforms in a bid to deter criminals from being able to easily resell stolen goods online.

The Epoch Times

Target Makes Historic Move With Holiday Hours

The retailer will shutter its doors this Thanksgiving.

Emily Rella

Hiring Crunch Drags Down Small Business Revenues

A new survey by Salesforce (pdf) shows that 53.3 percent of small and medium-sized businesses said staffing issues have been a drag on revenues.

The Epoch Times

Target to Pay for 100% of 'Frontline Team Members' College Education

About 340,000 employees in stores, distribution centers, and headquarters locations will be eligible for debt-free undergraduate degrees.

3 Retail Stocks to Watch This Week

Retail stocks were a surprising winner in 2020 as consumers quickly shifted to e-commerce during the Covid-19 pandemic. With many consumers now returning to in-person shopping, here are three retail stocks with upside heading into earnings.  

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Selena Gomez Is the Latest Celebrity Starting a Venture in the Beauty World

Plus, Target is launching a new grocery brand, and a startup called Fritz Frames is going to make shopping for prescription glasses easier for your kids.

She Was Rejected On Shark Tank. Then She Used That To Her Advantage.

Melissa Butler knew her line of brightly colored lipsticks would be a hit. So when the beauty industry ignored her, she kept moving forward.

Target Has Announced Its 3rd-Party Marketplace, TargetPlus

Plus, the on-demand food delivery service startup, DoorDash, raised $400 million in Series F financing and screen time management tool, Circle, raises $20 million Series B.

Thinking About Taking Your Product Into Big-Box Stores? You Need Help in These 4 Areas

Introducing your online-only product into physical stores calls for a launch playbook that's completely different from that of the online world.

Walter Miranda

Domino's and Ford Partner Up to Test Self-Driving Delivery Cars

Plus, Target has its own wine line and there's a robot named Temi that might be your next roommate.