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Taylor Swift Just Filed a Trademark That Could Mean Even More Sales: 'I'm So Into This'

The singer-songwriter's Nashville-based LLC TAS Rights Management filed to trademark the term "TAYLOR-CON" with the U.S. Patent Office this week.

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Eminem Requests Protective Order Against Bravo 'Housewives' in Trademark Dispute, Refuses to Appear in Court

The real Slim Shady isn't standing up—in court—after filing an opposition to a trademark application for the "Reasonably Shady" podcast in February 2023.

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Grimes Reportedly Beat Billionaire Ex Elon Musk to the 'Grok' Trademark — And Her Vision for the AI Is Very Different

Grimes voices 'Grok,' a rocket ship AI plushie from Curio, in a project unrelated to Musk's AI bot of the same name.

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Marketing Company Sues Elon Musk's X Corp for Twitter Rebrand That Caused 'Serious Irreparable Harm' to Its Business

X Social Media claims that X Corp's rebrand has caused consumer confusion and harmed its brand, which has used "X" in its name since 2016.


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7 Trade Show Tips for New Businesses

Trade shows can be costly, but they are a great way to network and market your product.


He Names Brands for Amazon, Meta and Forever 21, and Says This Is the Big Blank Space In the Naming Game

Naming specialist Ragen Alexander says that companies often get stuck thinking they must have a few popular qualities in a brand name. But they're missing big opportunities to capitalize on language in other ways.

Science & Technology

How To Protect ChatGPT Content with Trademark Registration

Protecting AI-generated brand assets is a critical and fast-evolving sphere.

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Elon Musk Tweet Inspires Fan to File Boat Trademark On Behalf of Tesla — Without Telling Tesla

A Tesla superfan said they filed a trademark application for boats because Elon Musk mentioned the Cybertruck might be able to go in the water.


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Is your logo safe? As a brand expert and CEO of a logo design company, I'll reveal whether you're exposing your brand to risk.

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Court Orders Grocery Store to 'Destroy' Chocolate Bunny Supply

Chocolatier Lindt & Sprungli has won a trademark battle with Lidl grocery stores.

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NBA Star Luka Doncic Is in a Trademark Battle—with His Mom

Who owns the rights to the Maverick's name?

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