Top10 of the most loved brands in Latin America after the pandemic

Social networks like TikTok have made certain companies become closer to the millennial and Z generations to earn their preference.

Club de Cuervos could become a real soccer team of Liga MX

Could Atlético de San Luis become Club de Cuervos?

Cine Premiere

Could This Watch Company's Legal Battle Change Trademark Law Forever?

Can you create a product that references, parodies, or uses parts from another brand? Many entrepreneurs are trying...and then getting sued. But the law is far from settled. This is the story of one startup that fought back and might just help change the way brands are built.

Liz Brody

Burger King Tweets "Women Belong in the Kitchen," And Social Media Is on Fire

The message is accompanied by a thread in which the company explains that it is launching a scholarship program to encourage female employees to pursue a culinary career and reduce the gender gap in this sector.

Senior Nike Executive Resigns After Shoe Resale Scandal

Ann Herbert resigned after it became known that her 19-year-old son used her credit card to buy shoes from the brand and resell them.

Louis Vuitton Launches 'Jamaica-Inspired' Sweater, But Gets Colors Wrong and Criticism Rains

Brand crises do not discriminate, they can affect both large and small companies when things do not go as expected.

Shein's New Jeans Baffle Shoppers

Sometimes, innovation in the world of fashion can be a double-edged sword.

Adidas Puts Reebok Up for Sale to Focus Exclusively On Its Brand

Reebok is valued at about 973 million dollars, after successive devaluations.

Corona and Burger King Will Make a Home Wedding Possible This Valentine's Day

The companies launched a call through social networks to find three couples and marry them.

Club América Presents Its New Nike Shirt, but Adidas Sneaks Into the Conversation

The football team presented their new uniforms and social networks did not forgive their "mistake."

Balenciaga launches tennis shoes for more than 115 thousand pesos that you can not wear

The most curious thing about the article is that they cannot be used and are the most expensive in the history of the brand.