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A Guide to Wine for Those Who Stay in With Takeout This Valentine's Day

For those of you who don't want to deal with reservations and crowds, order in your favorite food and read on for some great wine suggestions.
Valentine's Day

From Candy, to Flowers to Cards, Valentine's Day Is Good Business (Infographic)

Love may be a matter of the heart, but as these illustrations show, it also helps drive the economy.

1-800-Flowers Boss Determined to Avoid Breaking Customers' Hearts This Valentine's Day

'Things do go wrong. It's how the company responds to those challenges that really makes a difference.'
Valentine's Day

8 Chain Restaurants With Valentine's Day Deals

They may not be the most romantic locations your city has to offer, but if you play it right, you could win points for originality.

Paul McCartney's Latest Project: 'Emoji Sound Effects'

The former Beatle teamed up with Skype for some Valentine's Day fun.
Valentine's Day

What the Average American Spends on Valentine's Day

From roses and jewelry to dinner and champagne, Feb. 14 can be a costly affair.

With This App, Women Always End Dates With More Cash in Hand

The co-founder of Ohlala swears the transactions are all about making a real connection.

OpenTable's 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America

Make sure to take your beau to a place with that special touch this Valentine's Day.

Creative Starbucks Barista Puts Some Love Into Valentine's Day-Themed Drinks

We have a feeling these secret menu creations may not be so secret soon.

This Marriage Proposal Is the Best Free Advertising McDonald's Could Ask For

Roy Baine proposed to his high school sweetheart in the same chain where they had their first date in 1965: McDonald's.

Valentine's Day is an international holiday that occurs on February 14 annually. On this occasion, people traditionally celebrate his or her love for a romantic partner -- or potential partner -- and it's grown into an enormous marketing and sales opportunity for businesses around the world that use the holiday to push gifts such as chocolates, flowers and jewelry.