Video Marketing

Strategizing for Social: The Video Edition

The amount of online videos consumers are watching has doubled since 2018-to address this striking trend, Emily is joined by Yelp's San Diego community manager, Anne, to chat about Anne's success in creating video content for social media.

Video Marketing Statistics: Top Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Here we look at how marketers used video to power up their marketing strategy and analyze emerging trends based on reputable statistics, so business can upgrade their approach to video content for 2022 and beyond.

Osama Khabab

Elevate Your Video Marketing with VidTags

Reach more customers with a better video marketing tool.

Eleve su video marketing con VidTags

Llegue a más clientes con una mejor herramienta de video marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Way We Make Videos

From frame editing to script writing, how AI can help creators focus on what they are best at: imagination and emotion.

Cómo la inteligencia artificial está cambiando la forma en que hacemos videos

Desde la edición de fotogramas hasta la escritura de guiones, cómo la IA puede ayudar a los creadores a centrarse en lo que mejor saben hacer: imaginación y emoción.

7 Easy Strategies for Overcoming Your Fear of Being on Camera

Becoming a pro at facing the camera takes time and practice.

7 estrategias sencillas para superar el miedo a estar frente a la cámara

Convertirse en un profesional frente a la cámara requiere tiempo y práctica.

Connect with Customers by Getting Up to Speed on Video Marketing

Video is in-demand and, as an entrepreneur, make sure you're meeting the call.

Conéctese con los clientes poniéndose al día con el video marketing

El video está en demanda y, como empresario, asegúrese de cumplir con la llamada.

Video Marketing KPIs That Are Crucial for Your Campaign

Because there are so many KPIs, it'd be counterproductive to keep track of each one.

Osama Khabab

KPI de video marketing que son cruciales para su campaña

Debido a que hay tantos KPI, sería contraproducente realizar un seguimiento de cada uno.

Osama Khabab