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What Meaningful Mentorship For Women Employees Should Look Like

Successful mentoring creates positive impacts for the mentor, mentee and the organization itself. For female leaders, these relationships can help lift you out of career valleys and cheer you on at career peaks.

Anne Rush

4 Ways to Create a Spirit of Collaboration for Women in the Workplace

The competitive and political nature of the work environment doesn't always lend itself to a spirit of support and encouragement.

What My Job as a 'Momager' Has Taught Me About Entrepreneurship

What entrepreneurship and performing arts careers for Black and Brown artists have in common.

10 Game-Changing Pieces of Advice From Powerhouse Businesswomen

In honor of International Women's Week, we gathered 10 insightful quotes from our interviews this year.

Emily Rella

Starting a Business Empowered Jing Gao to Reclaim Her Name

Fly By Jing isn't just a business success story for Gao, but a personal one too.

Investors Catalysing Women's Representation In The Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

According to the World Bank, doubling the percentage of women in the workforce would boost India's growth rate from 7.5 per cent to 9 per cent and raise the country's GDP to $700 billion by 2025.

DeFi Will Help Women Take Back Control of Their Finances and Close the Wealth Gap

The blockchain is open-access and inclusive to anyone around the world. This gives women a unique opportunity to ditch patriarchal conventions and take control of their own lives.

Kurt Ivy