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Money & Finance

Grants and Loans for Women-Owned Businesses

If you're the owner of a women-owned business, lucky you! These funding sources are targeted directly at you.

Thought Leaders

12 Female Founders Who Will Restore Your Faith in Feminism

From personal finance to personal hygiene, these brands will help you keep up the good feminist fight.


10 Reasons Why Women Make The Best Co-Founders

It's true that in most circumstances, companies that have a woman as a boss have happier and cooperative coworkers

Growth Strategies

Does India Have Enough Number of Female VCs?

You don't want to fund a business only because it's run by a woman


Women Entrepreneurs Take Note! Here Are Key Things You Must Know About Running a Business

A room full of women entrepreneurs and executives; and here's what they had to say!


5-Point Advice To Women Tech Entrepreneurs

Our job is not to prove to the world that we are better than men at anything but to put forward our best selves and grow with opportunities.

Thought Leaders

What If the Most Powerful People In Business Were Women?

What would the landscape of business look like if more CEOs were women? Women in positions of power are more forward-thinking, and adept at raising revenue and improving employee morale.

News and Trends

How A Mother Paid Off Her Debts By Referring Drivers For Uber

Every mother should be financially independent


7 Ways Daughters Can Convince Their Parents To Support Them In Their Startup

Because it's better to talk it out with your parents.

Thought Leaders

Women Entrepreneurs Underestimate Themselves: What We Can Do About It

Shifting self-perception is the key to encouraging women's entrepreneurship.


An Economic Thinker With A Giving Soul, Priya Naik

A conversation with the CEO and founder of Samhita, Priya Naik.

News and Trends

News Round-Up about Women Empowerment

Some news about women empowerment


Celebrating the 'She' in Shepreneurs

Some amazing facts about womenpreneurs.


Women Employees Hope for Equal Opportunities in 2016

Statistics reveals the gender disparity at work places in India - some of them might disappoint you