Women-owned Businesses - Page: 2

Celebrating the 'She' in Shepreneurs

Some amazing facts about womenpreneurs.

Ritu Kochar

Women Employees Hope for Equal Opportunities in 2016

Statistics reveals the gender disparity at work places in India - some of them might disappoint you

Rustam Singh

Why is it such a big deal to be a female entrepreneur

While it's not uncommon to hear stories of Indian startups being led to phenomenal success by female entrepreneurs are still a rare breed in the country.

Arushi Verma

Sometimes the Best Man for a Job Is a Woman

A great way to observe 'Women's History Month' this month is to support a woman entrepreneur.

Why Single Women Are Quicker to Jump Into Entrepreneurship

Single women and married women make the decision to be self-employed for different reasons, according to a new study. Here's a breakdown of their relative motivations.

How New York City Plans to Assist 5,000 Female Entrepreneurs

A new partnership with Citigroup aims to provide free help to aspiring female-business owners.

Kristen Bellstrom