7 Ways Daughters Can Convince Their Parents To Support Them In Their Startup Because it's better to talk it out with your parents.

By Richa Singh

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"Arre beta, kyun?" (Oh baby, why?)

"Kyun nahin, Papa?" (Why not, dad?)

This is the standard conversation that is served like a tennis ball to and fro between Indian parents and their entrepreneur daughters. Parents just want to know why their girls want to willingly take so much heartache and anxiety.Their daughters could make a handsome amount of money by just working elsewhere at an MNC (or better still, by marrying a rich, young man). It is here daughters need help to convince their families that going the startup way is the right decision. You can't deny that the support – emotional as well as financial, you get from your family is the best support. This is because your family always has your best interest in mind. Hence, it is important that your family has got your back.

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Convince Your Parents:

Role Reversal

Daughters need to tell their parents that times have changed and roles have reversed. The whole, "woman being the gatherer' and "man being the hunter' is passé. Many men now opt to stay at home and take care of the house, while women go out there and conquer the World.


Daughters should thank their parents for bringing them up so well, such that their horizons are not limited to a 9am-5pm job and two children. They should tell their parents that they do not want all their education, which their parents worked hard for, and intelligence, which they have inherited, to go a waste.

Fully Prepared Plan

In fact, women should take convincing their parents as their first challenge - convince them that you have thought this through. All aspects of it, the idea, and the execution and why this is the right time. Be kind, but also be assertive while putting across your point. However, this doesn't mean you get ahead of yourself and become over-confident.


Involve your parents in your journey. Ask them for their ideas and their inputs. Discuss their fears and the inhibitions they have, and show them how you have taken all these factors into account and you are not jumping into this. Admit your flaws and shortcomings and address how you plan to overcome them. Families appreciate this kind of honesty.

You can have it all

Also, for men and women, work and family is no longer an "either/or' choice. It is perfectly possible to have both. A little help, a little balancing and of course, the right attitude is what it takes.

What would your mother do

Most importantly, daughters should ask their mothers what they would do, if they had the chance to live their lives all over again. Would they let go of the opportunity to make a difference in society? Would they not live their dream? Sure, it takes a little sacrifice, like less time with the children and a little trouble from chauvinistic men, but at the end of the day, when you see a little room of people who all share the same dream, working, laughing (and sometimes even fighting) together, it is all worth it. You go to sleep without the nagging doubt, "What if I had taken a chance?'


Last but not the least, believe in yourself. Because if you don't, who will? If you have conviction in your cause, it is easy to make other people believe in your vision. Help them understand that what you are doing is required from their point of view – explain to them how your startup will make life better for everyone, starting from them.

So girls, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get them!

Richa Singh

Co-founder and CEO, YourDOST

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