Empiece a relajarse practicando yoga con YogaWorks

Todo emprendedor necesita encontrar formas de reducir el estrés.

Ajinkya Rahane and his Investment Mantra

India's cool and calm stand in captain, Ajinkya Rahane is never off pressure, which made him stay humble and focus on his game. In this interaction with Entrepreneur, he shares his rise as the son of the soil, his recent startup investments and the hardwork and discipline which drive his life.

Through Yoga, This Startup Helps In Holistic Transformation

Sarvesh Shashi of SARVA talks about the benefits of fitness in his life and overseas expansion plans

Puneet Kapani

5 Yoga Poses That Can Help Release Stress While You Work From Home

Practice these Yoga poses that will help you release stress from your daily routine at home

Puneet Kapani

3 Popular Nighttime Calming Habits that Secretly Sabotage Productivity

Your go-to sleep aid may be backfiring. Find out why, plus some good alternatives.

Leah Borski

3 hábitos calmantes nocturnos populares que sabotean en secreto la productividad

Su ayuda para dormir puede ser contraproducente. Descubra por qué, además de algunas buenas alternativas.

Leah Borski

Yoga's Paytm Moment

The pandemic has changed the future of yoga forever

Ira Trivedi

What's Up With Open Yoga Studios in COVID-19 Hotspots?

Yoga is a practice known for its mindful, do-no-harm teachings. But yoga studios are also businesses, and many in current COVID-19 red zones are still offering in-studio classes. We zero in on the yoga community in Phoenix, Arizona to decipher how various studios are approaching the pandemic, and what the future of the yogi business could look like.

Frances Dodds

Benefits of Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation

Mindfulness can greatly improve your well-being, and allow you to lead a purposeful, and contented life. Here are a few of the advantages of practicing meditation for mindfulness, and awareness


Has Working From Home Become a Pain in the Neck, Back and Hips?

At our makeshift home workstations, aches and pains abound. These easy tips and two minute exercises will alleviate soreness and improve your posture.

Tips to Keep Our Mind, Body and Soul Active During Covid-19

While this lockdown is necessary for safety, we also need to make sure that our body, mind, and soul never get rusted. Here's how to be healthy, fit, and boost our spirits during the challenging times

Home Workout: 6 Full-body Exercises That Will Build Strength and Burn Stubborn Fat

If you're looking for a straightforward workout that'll get the blood pumping, then this is it. Here's you 101 full-body workout guide that will keep you fit and healthy!