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Get a Year of Unlimited Yoga Class Downloads for Only $23 Through June 17

Regular exercise has been proven to increase energy and focus, both of which are valuable to entrepreneurs and well-known benefits of yoga.

Health & Wellness

This $23 Yoga Subscription Can be a Great Mother's Day Gift

Secure a year's worth of access to this platform with more than 1,500 online yoga classes for your mom.

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The Triumphant Yogi: Anshuka Parwani, Celebrity Wellness Expert & Founder, Anshuka Yoga

Prior to her yogic discovery, she was a National Gold Medalist in swimming and was a commercial pilot. A bike accident made her bedridden for 8 months and it was her mother who encouraged and pushed her into yoga, along with physiotherapy

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A Year with YogaDownload Is Only $30 Right Now

Get access to an online platform with more than 1,500 yoga and fitness classes for users to access whenever they want.


3 técnicas de respiración para ayudarte a reducir el estrés y enfocarte en el momento

La autora y coach ejecutiva, Susan S. Freeman, comparte en su nuevo libro estos ejercicios para ayudarte a mantenerte centrado durante los tiempos caóticos.

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3 Breathing Techniques to Help You De-Stress and Refocus in the Moment

Executive coach and author Susan S. Freeman shares these exercises to center yourself during chaotic times in her new book, 'Inner Switch: 7 Timeless Principles to Transform Modern Leadership.'


Create an On-Demand Yoga Routine Online

Moviing was designed by 'fit-fluencers' to help you stay fit anywhere.

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Cree una rutina de yoga a pedido en línea

Moviing fue diseñado por 'fit-fluencers' para ayudarte a mantenerte en forma en cualquier lugar.

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Start Relaxing by Practicing Yoga with YogaWorks

Every entrepreneur needs to find ways to reduce stress.

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Empiece a relajarse practicando yoga con YogaWorks

Todo emprendedor necesita encontrar formas de reducir el estrés.


Through Yoga, This Startup Helps In Holistic Transformation

Sarvesh Shashi of SARVA talks about the benefits of fitness in his life and overseas expansion plans


5 Yoga Poses That Can Help Release Stress While You Work From Home

Practice these Yoga poses that will help you release stress from your daily routine at home


3 Popular Nighttime Calming Habits that Secretly Sabotage Productivity

Your go-to sleep aid may be backfiring. Find out why, plus some good alternatives.

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3 hábitos calmantes nocturnos populares que sabotean en secreto la productividad

Su ayuda para dormir puede ser contraproducente. Descubra por qué, además de algunas buenas alternativas.


Benefits of Mindfulness and Awareness Meditation

Mindfulness can greatly improve your well-being, and allow you to lead a purposeful, and contented life. Here are a few of the advantages of practicing meditation for mindfulness, and awareness