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Flier Power

What packs a marketing punch for just pennies apiece? The humble flier, of course.

One of the purest of the guerrilla marketing weapons is fliers. What makes the flier so pure-and so effective?

It gets action if you use it properly.

It is astonishingly inexpensive; we're talking pennies apiece here.

It lets you use color in a sea of black and white.

It is the essence of simplicity and flexibility if you do it right.

What should your goal be in creating a flier? A flier is supposed to make a clear and persuasive offer, create a sense of urgency, get right to the point, tell the prospect what he or she is to do now, and tie in with your business's identity.

Should a flier have a special time-limited offer? It doesn't really have to, but you do want to hear a bang for your bucks-and you'll probably hear only silence if you don't have an element of urgency.

Fliers can be distributed in a variety of locations: posted on community bulletin boards, handed out on street corners, placed under car windshields, made part of your billings or other regular mailings, and placed on the counters and in the windows of your many marketing partners.

The most important part of any ad is the headline. Well, think of the flier as all headline. Be sure to include your offer, the date it ends, your address or phone number, and the major benefits you offer. Hold back on listing a myriad of benefits. One ultrapowerful benefit should do the trick.

Even if your offer is not accepted, you haven't lost much money. You will have placed your name in front of your public and increased awareness of your firm. But if I know you, your offer will be too good to miss. Same for your profits.

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Jay Conrad Levinson is the father of Guerrilla Marketing, the bestselling marketing series in history, selling more than 14 million copies worldwide. He is chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International. His latest books include Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, 2nd. Edition with Al Lautenslager, Guerrilla Marketing on the Internet with Mitch Meyerson and Mary Eule Scarborough, and Startup Guide to Guerrilla Marketing with Jeannie Levinson.

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This article was originally published in the July 1996 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Flier Power.

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