The Seven-Year-Itch: Are You Bored With Your Business?

Find Out If You're Suffering From The Seven-Year-Itch

Is your entrepreneurial fire still burning? Still feeling the same spirit as you did when you first launched your business? Many businesses suffer motivational challenges after five to seven years, once the start-up passions have subsided and the business becomes, well, just business.

Answer the following questions to see if you're facing motivational lapses.

  • Are you unhappy with work or do you dislike what you're doing, even when you're busy and making money?
  • Are you unfocused? Do you dread the coming day when you awaken in the morning?
  • Are you abrupt with people--family, peers, clients or vendors? Are you inexplicably on edge with others? Do you have an unexplained feeling of anxiety?
  • Has your productivity taken a nose-dive? Does your to-do list never get any smaller? Are you facing the same unfinished projects today as you were last week?
  • Have you considered the prospect of taking a full-time job where you do nothing more than your core task and you don't have to handle business development or the finances?

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