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Inside the February 1998 Issue


How To: Find The Perfect Location

6 factors to consider before setting your site

House Calls

Build a profitable home-inspection service from the ground up.

Rush Hour

Consumers demanding instant graification warn businesses it's now or never.

Spread The Word

When your customers talk...people listen. So why aren't more business owners using the cheapest and easiest form of advertising?

The New Bottom Line

The one minute manager tells entrepreneurs what it takes to have a successful company.

To Lease Or Not To Lease?

That is the question. Equipment leasing makes Hamlets out of most entrepreneurs.

Leap Of Faith

Think there's nothing to buying a business? Then we've got a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you.


Bright Ideas
When it comes to shipping and handling charges, there are no rules.
Business Beat
Billion-dollar discount retailers are storming into Main Street America. Is your business safe?
Entrepreneurial Woman
Women are running family businesses in record numbers.
Fast Track
His educational games inspire at-risk kids.
Global Smarts
Don't disregard the potential of developing nations.
Travel Smarts
News for entrepreneurs on the go.
Young Entrepreneur
Running an action figure business is more than just fun and games.
Low-cost test-marketing strategies.
Money Matters
Start-up savings, effective invoices.
You can sell: travel games, pet massage brushes, door guards.
Small Talk
Weekend businesses, playing with your food.
Software Solutions
Contact managers organize your business encounters.
Whats Your Problem
Our experts solve your start-up problems.
Youre The Boss
Public speaking techniques for promoting your business
Special Events
Mark Your Calendars
Whats Hot
The prognosis is good for mail order health-care companies.
Capitol Issues
New ammunition for entrepreneurs fighting property wars.
Family Business
Get relief in estate taxes under the new tax law.
Leading Edge
Expanding your business is stressful - but deciding how to do it is a solid first step.
Make no mistake - liability insurance is important from the very beginning.
Management Smarts
Anticipating extra work? Line up employees before you need them.
Staff Smarts
Do you really need to give employees performance evaluations?
Advertising Workshop
Are you getting the best workout from your promotional mailings?
Guerrilla Marketing
Sigmund Freud and B.F. Skinner may be dead, but they can still help your business.
Marketing Edge
How you market a video depends on more than your budget.
Marketing Smarts
Savvy ideas to boost sales.
Sales Success
When it comes to business, luck helps those who help themselves.
Fund Smarts
Choosing between growth and income? This fund packs 'em together.
Money Smarts
Money-management strategies.
Personal Finance
You may prefer stocks, bonds or cash, but asset allocation is your best bet for the long haul.
Raising Money
Be prepared when seeking capital - or you'll never get off the starting block.
Stock Smarts
With that notion, one company has found prison.
Tax Talk
Planning to hire a new employee? Better sharpen your pencil.
Opportunity Article
Naming your business and hiring a lawyer.
Opportunity Article
The 103 fastest growing franchises.
Opportunity Insider
Franchise and business opportunities at a glance.
Business Bytes
Depending on the information you need, the Internet isn't always your best bet.
Business Software
Getting your software concept to market.
Buyers Guide
Looking to buy a new PC? The Pentium II will get your business up to speed.
Tech Smarts
The latest in modern technology.
Web Smarts
What's hot on the World Wide Web.
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