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How do I find a job working for an entrepreneur?

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I recently graduated from University of Colorado with a marketing major. I currently work in small business healthcare sales processing group that is boring and beaurocratic. I want to start my own business but I'm not sure what that should be yet. I would like to work for an entrepreneur to get an experience of what is involved in establishing a startup. How do I find such a job?
John, I would start by getting a list of at least 25 people who you would like to work for in Colorado--some of my team of business coaches at ActionCOACH should be on your list--and then start by sending a letter that is unforgettable to each and every one of them. I remember getting a letter from a young guy one time that was the right arm off a mannequin that said "I wold give my right arm for an hour of your time."

Then go interview, ask for what you want, but make sure they see how you will benefit them; make them an offer.

All the best,
Brad Sugars
Brad Sugars

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Brad Sugars is the founder and chairman of ActionCOACH. As an entrepreneur, author and business coach, he has owned and operated more than two dozen companies including his main company, ActionCOACH, which has more than 1,000 offices in 34 countries.