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How do we find a leasing company for a product we want to offer to our dealers on a lease-to-own basis?

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We are a bicycle manufacturer that has engineered and produced a fitting-tool system that we have in stock. While every one of the nation's 5,000 bicycle shops could use one of these tools, the $2,500 price is a significant barrier to sales. We think we would be able to sell the tools if we offer the dealers a financing option. We are considering managing the AR ourselves but might choose to work with a leasing company if it is quick and easy, and there is a tidy payout early on.
First, a couple questions back to you … Is price really a barrier? Sometimes it isn’t. Whats the value of the product? Will it help sales? Decrease repair time? Leverage profits?

I ask because you may want to stay "direct" and reap the benefits of 100 percent control and profit. Have you "test marketed" your product? Maybe you need to create a survey. Or, better yet, leave tools at a few targeted shops for a limited-time trial--free of charge--and then get testimonials from happy customers.

Those testimonials then turn into your sales pieces--with the credibility of high-profile players in your market endorsing your product and what it can do.

Typically, higher-price-point products carry higher margins. And if you self-finance, or find a financing company, you can really leverage your profits--and profit is what business is all about. It might also change the way you look at and think about the possibilities of your product.

So instead of a definitive answer (and, by the way, there are plenty of leasing companies you can find for your product via the web if you want to go that route), you have some additional things to think about: ideally, longer-term profits over time versus a quick--and possibly lower--payout at the start.

All the best.

Brad Sugars.

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