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How do we market to customers in a multimillion dollar industry that stumble onto our product?

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Our company manufactures a fence post hole digger that attaches to a shop-vac. How do you market a product that people don't know they need until they find out it exists?
So you've heard the bell go off, and now you want to increase that response. Here's what you need to do:

Start researching on the demographic of this new client so you can begin to plan on how to more effectively market to them. Begin to do A/B testing on different campaigns and track conversion from the different campaigns to maximize the effectiveness of each individual campaign to enhance, mtweak and drive more traffic to a website, or a phone number that takes inbound calls.

Create large spreadsheets that will tell the story of how to find, mine and refine each of these leads until they are hot and convertible.

Or, you can talk to your prospects and find out where they got their recreational toy that they hook up your device to, and start seeing if you can do a revenue share agreement with that company to create a more complete recreational device.

Then you either send them the merchandise, or better yet, let them create the full device and send you a royalty check. It's called licensing.

They sign it saying they will produce a version that specifically fits your device to theirs, and then after patenting and so on, you get paid. You need to check it out. You want to sell in mass quantities when it comes to things like this. Don't try to get the onesies and twosies. That's a waste of time. Go large, and go home happy instead of frustrated.

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