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What are the best tools to help make the hiring process more efficient?

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We don't have the resources to hire recruiters. Are there any automated software programs that make this easier?
Congrats on getting to the point in your business where you'd like to hire someone--and a double congrats for trying to make the process expedient yet thorough.

I did some digging and spoke with Cari Sommer of Urban Interns to help me answer your question. The folks at Urban Interns are thought leaders in online and offline conversations about hiring and finding the right talent in today's work environment. Here's what Sommer had to say:

Hiring is one of the most important decisions that you will make as a business owner, so while it can be time-consuming, it's time well spent. Well-designed and high quality job boards should make it easier for you to quickly find top candidates. Look for sites that are focused on a particular segment or niche and that allow you to filter through candidates by using specific search criteria. These are both great ways to safeguard from receiving 1,000 irrelevant resumes.

Once you do receive a resume or application, there's a lot you can learn before you even speak with a candidate. Is the resume you're presented with perfect? The answer to this can tell you how important attention to detail is to an applicant.

If you exchanged initial emails, was the correspondence clear, effective and timely? Is the potential candidate conveying what they can bring to you as opposed to vice versa? These may seem like nuances, but take a closer look and you’ll learn a lot.

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