4 Tips for Controlling Chaos

You can't stop the chaos around you, but you can rein in its power.
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A decade ago, Karen started a consulting firm focused on helping retailers merchandise their stores. To most, it looked as if she had achieved everything she wanted: wonderful employees, well-known clients and her own office space. Still, Karen knew this was only the first step in her business plan; she wanted to broaden her reach by expanding her consulting services into other industries.

However, the constant demands of her clients, employees, family and other daily distractions didn't afford her time to focus on growth. The chaos around her would sidetrack her every time she tried to bring some order to her life and career.

We control the directions of our energies. To develop new methods for achieving our goals, we must learn how to transform the power that chaos generates into a creative force. Like muscles, we can train our minds to become stronger during stressful times. To fortify your success stamina, treat obstacles as learning tools, and:

1. Take time to re-energize your mind. When life seemed crazy during my childhood, my grandma would always say, "You need a change of pace." We would do something entirely different with no particular purpose, freeing our minds from constraints. Schedule 10 minutes a day as a "mini-vacation" from tackling your action items to gain new perspectives. Listen to music, meditate, or take a walk. Your body often gives out when it is exhausted; your mind acts in much the same manner. Give it some downtime from the daily commotion you encounter.

2. Establish a pattern of game-changing behavior. Letting go of entrenched positions helps you gain perspective on possible new approaches. Schedule a specific time of day, maybe early morning or lunchtime, to think creatively. Begin the process by acknowledging how new developments may affect your business. Remove any doubtful thoughts from your mind, and pledge to figure out new ways to achieve your goals.

3. Remind yourself that you're a risk-taker. It took courage to start your own business. And as your business grows, you will become more and more secure in your decision making. When new challenges occur, recapture your original entrepreneurial energy by allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable. Reinvigorate your risk taking by investigating imaginative ways to move to your next level of success. Just acknowledging that there is a way out of any difficult situation increases your energy and lays the groundwork for new innovations.

4. Permit your experience, knowledge and intuition to provide your next step to success. Clarity and resolve are only thoughts until you act upon them. Your entrepreneurial spirit is your most valuable asset. Taking action rekindles your passion to conquer any new challenge. Begin by clearly defining the challenge in writing. This visual image makes the situation manageable and, therefore, resolvable. While you may not have all the information to solve each problem immediately, stay open to new ideas and methods, and your resolution will surface.

As a successful entrepreneur, you have the insight and ability to be proactive and discover unique solutions. Rather than allowing your spirit to get distracted by what you perceive as limitations, be curious, and listen to the opinions and thoughts of others. Boost your energy by celebrating the success you create, especially during times of change.

Speaker and consultant Romanus Wolter, aka "The Kick Start Guy," is author ofKick Start Your Success and Kick Start Your Dream Business.
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