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Entrepreneur's Most Popular Infographics of 2014

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Humans are visual by nature, so sometimes the best way to make a point is to show it in pictures rather than words. From habits of smart people to the meanings behind logo colors, these posts illustrate the tips and takeaways that can make you a better entrepreneur. Check out this list of the most viewed infographics for the year below!

10. Women Dominate Every Social Media Network -- Except One (Infographic)

Women use social media more often and in more ways than men do. Whether it’s interacting with brands or keeping up with the news, women are dominating on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. There is one network, however, that attracts more men than women. Take a spin through this infographic to find out.

9. Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People (Infographic)

Amassing billions of dollars in wealth is a goal that few of us will ever achieve. So, what are billionaires like Warren Buffett and Oprah Winfrey doing differently than the rest of us? Take a look at some of their habits here.  

8. 13 Signs of a Disengaged Employee (Infographic)

Even the best workers have days when they feel unmotivated, but there’s a big difference between them and those who are truly disengaged. Employees who have mentally “checked out” drag down morale and slow down productivity. Here are 13 signs -- including traits like a lack of enthusiasm and actions like a list of excuses -- that you should look out for in your employees.

7. 44 Apps That Turn Your Smartphone Into a Productivity Powerhouse (Infographic)

While the app store is full of fun time-wasters (Candy Crush, anyone?), there is also a plethora of productivity apps that can make you feel accomplished each workday. This infographic gives you the pros and cons of some of the most popular ones.

6. How Do I Build a Business Plan? (Infographic)

Now that you have an idea for your business, it’s time to put together a business plan that will serve as a roadmap for your company. To do so, you need to answer questions about your target market, your costs and the ways in which your product is unique -- and this is only the start! Luckily, this infographic will help breakdown the must-haves for your business plan and compelling stats about that plan’s importance. Step one: Check out this article.

5. What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business (Infographic)

Color is a key part of branding a business. While they may appear arbitrary, the hues a company uses in its logo can convey all kinds of emotion. While red signifies intensity, trust, and active-ness -- making it the perfect choice for companies like CNN and RedBull -- the color orange is associated with happiness and tropical locations, which is a great fit for a company like Fanta. Why would UPS want to be associated with the color brown? Read on and find out.

4. The Formula Startups Use to Make Billions (Infographic)

Starting a business can be an intimidating process; starting one that will eventually go public can seem impossible. Fear not, readers. There’s no magic fairy dust involved. Have a look at this brief view of how startups make money.

3. Take Back Your Mornings (Infographic)

These tips can turn “rise and shine” into a reality. Small steps like unplugging 90 minutes before sleep and listening to the radio in the morning can make a big difference. Learn more tricks to help even the biggest night owl get a better start in the early hours.

2. How Old Is Too Old to Start a Business? The Answer May Surprise You. (Infographic)

The media loves the story of the young college kid who starts a billion-dollar business out of his dorm room -- but that’s hardly the norm. John Campbell of Campbell Soup and fashion designer Vera Wang both began their ventures when they were well out of school. See who else helps prove that a later start can still lead to success.

1. Let Go, Keep it Simple, Move Quickly: Secrets to Being a Productive Entrepreneur (Infographic)

What do “eating the frog,” listening to music and obeying the first rule of improv comedy have in common? They’re all tactics that can make you more productive by helping you think faster, work quicker and start the day right. Learn the other secrets could help make your day purposeful.

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