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Tim Cook Says the Apple Watch Will Be Available in April

This story originally appeared on Business Insider
Tim Cook Says the Apple Watch Will Be Available in April
Image credit: Apple

The Apple Watch is shipping in April, CEO Tim Cook announced Tuesday.

However, Cook did not give a specific launch date. He only said development was on track.

When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch in September, it only said it was targeting an "early 2015" launch. Earlier reports suggested Apple was targeting a March launch.

Apple will likely need to hold another event to go over more details about the Apple Watch. At the initial unveiling, we only got a tiny glimpse at everything it'll be able to do.

Some big questions remain. We know the cheapest Apple Watch model will cost $350. But the device comes in several variations made out of premium materials like stainless steel and gold. Some have predicted the most expensive Apple Watches could cost as much as $5,000.

Battery life is another mystery. Apple's official line is that you'll have to charge the Apple Watch every night, but it wouldn't get more specific than that. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman reported that Apple was targeting 19 hours of use on a charge as of 2014. It's possible Apple has been able to squeeze more battery life since then. Rival smartwatches like Samsung's Gear 2 can last two to three days on a charge under normal use.

Finally, Apple still needs to explain how it plans to sell the Apple Watch. There are so many different variations and options that Apple will likely need to change how it sells the device in stores. It'll also be interesting to find out which third-party retailers will sell the Apple Watch.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

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