How Digital Marketers can Stay One Step Ahead of the Game

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The domain of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is ever changing and gets redundant fast. Let's admit it - it can get difficult to keep pace with the changing algorithms of search engines that modify the way they crawl and index pages. To stay on top of your game, you have to constantly monitor your site's optimization ability. To be able to do just that, let us take a look at specific elements of SEO that need immediate attention.


Focus On Mobile

Last year was the year of smartphones. With Google coming out with mobile friendly algorithm, it became imperative for the websites to become mobile friendly. Those who optimized stayed in the game, others simply vanished from the scene. Google search gives preference to webistes that are mobile responsive. If your site is not easy to use on a mobile, Google penalizes by ranking it lower on its search pages. Hence there is a risk of your business to go down if it depends on internet traffic. Google's mobile friendly update took place in April 2015 forcing the businesses to make their sites mobile responsive. Digital marteketers will have to give promonence to mobile sites and make them more SEO friendly.

Index Apps

Not just the pages, but indexing apps is also a good idea. App indexing puts your app in front of people using Google search. We don't use 30% of the apps that we install on our devices. Indexing helps by re-engaging the existing app users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP

What is it? -  An Accelerated Mobile Page is a project from Google and Twitter designed to make fast mobile pages. It is lightweight and loads faster. And as the name suggests, it is for mobiles and it is open source.

Focus on user experience - Build Interactive Content

To make people genuinly enjoy your content and engage with it regularly, make your content interactive. Include all forms of content - text, videos and pictures to appeal to the people. This will be a rewarding exercise given that search engines no longer just look at texts for indexing but the engines now take into consideration other factors such as engagement levels on your site and how responsive it is to other devices.

Improve your search rankings

You can easily do this by doing two important things beside writing good quality content -- Optimise your meta-data and write SEO compliant headlines. Don't just fill up your meta data fields carelessly. You are not helping yourself. Write the meta data that the search engines understand. It should clearly reflect the purpose of your site and its relevancy. Create clear, concise meta titles and descriptions. Write interesting and engaging headlines using relevant keywords.

Keeping an eye on Google updates and algorithm change will go a long way in keeping your life sorted and the site up to date with the changing technology. You have some tips to add to the article? Please leave a comment on our FB page, we will gladly include.