This Augmented Reality App Will Now Have an Added Feature

Blipparsphere is live now in the Blippar app for iOS and Android.

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This technology startup, which specializes in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision, launched Blipparsphere. This is a new proprietary knowledge graph technology, which is live now on the Blippar app. Blipparsphere builds on the company’s existing machine learning and computer vision capabilities to deepen and personalize information about a user’s physical surroundings, providing a true visual discovery browser through the app.

How It Works

Upon blipping an object, users of the Blippar app will be delivered a seamless “light web” experience with relevant and related organic results about an object, or branded content and augmented reality experiences from brands, publishers and advertisers. After their initial interaction, users are directed toward additional topics related to their surroundings and personal interests, providing a discovery platform to learn, experience, and share in a powerful and easy new way.

“The new discovery behaviour we are powering through today’s update matches natural human thought patterns. When you blipp something, it connects you to new things to see and information demonstrating how the original object or image is connected to everything else,” Ambarish Mitra, Blippar Co-Founder and CEO.

Blippar was founded by Ambarish and Omar Tayeb in 2011. The app enables users to instantaneously discover more about the world around them. Using the Blippar app, people can blipp ("scan") objects they’re curious about and unlock useful and entertaining content.

Blippar has partnered with brands and media owners including Nestlé, Condé Nast, TIME Inc., Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Heinz, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola.