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All Android-fanatic Entrepreneurs Beware! This Malware Can Corrupt Your Data

All Android-fanatic Entrepreneurs Beware! This Malware Can Corrupt Your Data
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If you’re a budding entrepreneur, your smartphone is all you need to increase productivity in your organisation. There are number of Android apps that are designed to help entrepreneurs follow their roles easily.But Android users beware of this new malware and keep your smartphone safe.

A newly found malware ‘Gooligan’, uses Google credentials on older versions of Android to generate fraudulent installs of other apps.Security firm Check Point software technologies discovered and reported this malware thats infecting more than 1 million Google accounts .

Gooligan potentially affects devices and steal email addresses on Android 4 (Jelly Bean, KitKat) and 5 (Lollipop). About 57% of these devices are located in Asia and about 9% are in Europe. 

How does the Googlian campaign affect the Android devices ?

  • Steal a user’s Google email account and authentication token information
  • Install apps from Google Play and rate them to raise their reputation
  • Install adware to generate revenue

Once the infection starts, the rooted device will download an infected app from the third party app store.On being installed by the user, it further downloads a root exploit like Towelroot to gain full access to the device. The malware copies the user's account data and sends it to a remote server, giving the malicious software full access to the account data. 

What To Do ?

It is recommended that you should not download Android apps from any third party stores, apart from the official Google store.More importantly, do not tap on links that claim to download free Android application packages for apps. Also, download some reliable anti-malware app and format your android device if you feel your google account has been compromised.

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