#9 Cost Effective Ideas for Business To Be Profitable in 2017

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Do you see the spunk in you to be a successful entrepreneur in 2017? From being an astute problem solver to the one who is an expertise in managing operations, an entrepreneur have to have a unique business idea before punching in any sort of investment.

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If you are looking for unique ideas of business to begin 2017 with, take a look at these top trending business ideas to get it kick started.

  • Virtual Assistant

If you consider yourself a techie with marketable skills of set, then you may try something other than content writing and social media marketing at the online stage. The AI based virtual assistant is very much in trend to adopt by the big shots businesses as well as small and medium biz owners. At the end of 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg also launched Jarvis in the voice of Morgan Freeman, which was a new push to follow virtual assistance for the businesses all over the world. One can easily offer the online services as a virtual assistant to the biz owners and organizations that are looking to hire virtual assistants to handle some of their job responsibilities.

  • Pottery-based Business

While we cut out some old traditional business ideas in the list of online and technology based businesses, business of pottery cannot be curtailed from the list for 2017. As there is no denying in fact that pottery based business is not an exclusive idea to pitch in for business, but the old traditional idea can be in fad once again with a new set of technology and skills based on it. To begin 2017 with a niche idea is to get started with your own pottery studio, where you can create, design and sell the aesthetics of Indian artisans and earn pots of money. There is a lot of scope and future opportunities for handmade marketplaces.

  • SEO Consultant

With the high pace of increasing number of online consumer base, there is not really any company which is not joining the digital bandwagon these days. From small biz industries to startups to well established brands and big wigs, every company is at digital interface or is in making of it. The demand of SEO consultants jobs are increasing with a well-nigh same pace. Therefore, a huge demand of it produces a profitable idea of business to invest in 2017.

  • Office Co-working Spaces

With the changing trends of office spaces, now one doesn’t need a floor office to begin the business operations. The new shareable office spaces are there to provide a luxurious infra to you. One can simply start a business to provide co-working spaces with easy month to month end subscriptions to startups, freelancers, SMEs etc. If you have a vacant property that you think not going to come in use, invest and make it an office space for yourself and for others as well.

  • Wedding Planning Business

There are some businesses, which can never be dragged out of the list. The wedding planning business is one of those options that are going to be clinched on its list every passing year. With creative ideas for events and wedding, it’s one of the most profitable business options. If you think you have a keen interest in conducting or hosting event, and carry a set of leadership skills to manage wedding plannings then it is an apt and the best option for you.

  • Pre-recruitment Assessment

The recruitment business in industry is never an off-season thing to be reckoned as. With increasing number of companies and entrepreneurs in Indian startup ecosystem, the need of manpower is rapidly increasing in country. Due to hectic office and work schedules, companies might not have time to invest in selecting the best employee for their job profiles. To bridge this gap, the pre-recruitment assessment firms play a major role in providing the best employee to various companies. Thereby, one can start over a business that allows company pay to you for evaluating a best employee for them.

  • Temping Services

Ever heard a term of temping services? This is the easiest idea of business, wherein you provide manpower services to the event management firms, on temporary basis. In the world of business and hiring, there is a chain which companies follow by acquiring some or the other services to the another company. Temping services help in serving manpower on temporary sort of basis, especially to event management firms.

  • Real Estate Consultant

The industry may fall or rise, but the business never stops in Real Estate. If you have a keen sense of property and Real Estate, as an industry, you can easily be a Real Estate consultant to advise the prospective buyers who are looking to invest in property. With a sharp insight of property laws to provide the buying options to the buyers, one can be earn the bunch of commissions in each rental or sold out property.

  • Online Ad Services Business

If you’re a media enthusiast, and carry a lot of contacts of website owners in your bag, you can be an online ad service provider. It’s an easy business that can interest a mass communication lover. If you have the contacts of website owners and can also get the appropriate space that can help clients be able to access their target audience.