#9 Trends Which are Going to Rule the Beauty & Fashion Industry this Year

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Beauty trends are mostly faster than The Flash. They run so fast that catching up with them and updating your style catalogue is an art. The combined effect of technology, innovations, and of course what the fashionistas say has a compounded effect on the industry. As the world is going back to naturally crafted products, 2017 is going to see trends in this direction; where 2016 talked about organic products, this year will demand products even more raw and closer to their natural state.


An important consumer behaviour to notice is the individuality that the new era consumer is embracing. They want products crafted specifically for them and high customization is already seeping into the luxury lifestyle. I think following trends will rule in 2017:

Environmental Hazards will give birth to a new range of Antipollution products

Be prepared to see a huge line of products waging a war against skin damaging micro-particles. Antipollution products aim to fight against minute pollutants which not only effect your beauty but also damage your skin.

Technology will take over

Ever heard the term ‘Smart Mirror’? This latest technology can diagnose your skin problems and recommend ways to address them. It can even print 3D patches of makeup matching your skin tone to mask your imperfections. Not just diagnosis, soon you may also expect robotic limbs assisted by experts applying the make up for you. All said and done, technology needs experts to handle it. If the technology goes wrong, it can do an unrepairable damage. Choose your salon and experts wisely.

Probiotic Luxury

People are now aware that natural processes are marginally better than chemical ones. This has led to development of probiotic-based luxury products. These products make use of helpful bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Brands which are working on this segment want to change the traditional ways upside down and are looking to snowball the impact in 2017.

K-Pop and J-Pop will have heavier than ever influence on the market

Just confined to Asia till date, the dolled-up style inspired from manga is now a global craze. Contact lenses with pop designs will see a huge boost. Eye make-up will not be limited to eye-lashes and eye liner, but it’s going to beautify your iris too.


The intersection of food and cosmetics, i.e., gastronomia is a trend started by YouTubers. Though originally aimed towards preparing your own cosmetics in the kitchen, the procedures to make some of these cosmetics is cumbersome. People want to use the exact same products and if they can’t learn to make them at home, they are not shying away from taking help of an expert. Many high-end luxury salons offer services to create a customer specific cosmetics in front of the customer. If not completely made from home based products, customized care products will shadow the complete industry.

The purest water

Luxury brands are going an extra mile to create water based products with purest of the pure water available. They are willing to climb mountains, combine solution bases from multiple sources, and visit the remotest lagoons to create products with purest possible droplets. Brands are taking water transparency literally by welcoming their customers to take a peek into their manufacturing process.

Quick, Fast, Energetic

To keep up with vivacity of the world, cosmetics which promise an energized feel will be preferred. Most of these products require an assistance of an expert and a certain ambience to take their effect completely.

Embracing Inner Beauty

Consumers have now understood that elevating the level of their health will directly impact their beauty. Many luxury brands will be seen collaborating with food brands to promote their products. The concept of salons offering health drinks while you get your treatment done might spark this year.

Give me Skin and Tonic

Minimal processed products ensure that the product reaches the consumer in the freshest possible state. Luxury salons have already started offering treatments which use products of this niche. Preserving cosmetics’ nutrients so that your body can breathe and chew it properly will become a necessity. Customized beauty kits could be saved by customers in their favourite salon whose products will be used specifically for them.

One cannot completely pin point a specific trend which is going to take off in this dynamic industry. Individuality, technology, rawness, and extreme hygiene will be the apt key words to sum up the trends in coming year.


Dipali Mathur Dayal

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Dipali is a banking stalwart. After her MBA in Marketing & Strategy, she started her career with HSBC, one of the largest banking organisations in the world. As a Vice President at HSBC, she successfully managed Wealth and Asset Products for an ultra HNI portfolio. Her last assignment was with Standard Chartered Bank as an Associate Director, Private Banking. While working closely with the Creme de la creme of the country, she assimilated a deep understanding of luxury. This understanding/experience coupled with her flair & passion for fashion & grooming, led to the conceptualisation of Magnifique.