Want To Be Zuck, Spiegel, Dorsey ? These #4 Traits Could Make You Them

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There are varied qualities that makes an entrepreneur look captivating before even beginning an entrepreneurial journey. But wonder, what traits should one have to turn out to be a millenial in today's world?

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‘Intelligence with high Hotness Quotient (HQ)’ is the quality that makes entrepreneurs all the more appealing and demanding, no wonder! Though, the fusion of qualities like these are rare to find, but the dynamic young achievers of these social media giants, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Snapchat's Evan Spiegel and Twitter's Jack Dorsey are the real paragons of it. 

They are the youngest millennial leaders when it comes to entrepreneurship and they are absolutely the heart-throbbing ones when it comes to popularity. With millions of followers on social media, these #3 youngest founders of social media giants are on the forefront in the list of the billionnaire entrepreneurs of the world. 

  • Fascination for technological challenges

Mark:  Zuckerberg had fascination for technological challenges from the very early age of life. His interest developed steadily when his father taught him ‘ATARI Basic Programming’ in 1990s. Eventually, Mark learned programming from his tutor and software programmer David Newmann.

Evan:  Evan was always known for being a nerd in technology and computers in his school as he always had an inquisitiveness in technology. After completing school, he was accepted by Stanford University in California.  

Jack:  Jack used to spend hours with computers in his teens as much as he used to love studying about them.

  • Grades are not something to run after

Getting good grades is not what real entrepreneurs care for, that's the reason why these 3 entrepreneurs chose to stick to their domain what they created at their own. 

Mark:  Zuckerberg took five minutes to decide for dropping out of Harvard in the mid of session to continue Facebook.

Evan: Due to his developing interest in prototype, Evan dropped out of Stanford before completing his degree.

Jack: Instead of continuing his studies in Missouri University, Jack dropped out in the mid of his college before shifting to New York University. 

  • Quest in early age to do something innovative

Inquisitiveness, and a quest to learn more always help in life. 

Mark:  Mark was in high school when he programmed ‘Zucknet’ as his first startup to create a communication network between the computers in his father’s dental office and those at home.

Evan:  Evan stared his entrepreneurial journey at an early age but Snapchat was not his first project. In the quest of doing something innovative in technology, Evan developed his first project with Murphy on Future Fisherman, a software that aimed to help in management of college admissions. 

Jack :  Jack was a technological enthusiast from very early age. He began programming while he was in school at the age of 12. Fascinated by taxi services, at the age off 14 he created an open source software in the arena of ddispatch logistics, which is still in use by various taxi companies. 

  • Fearlessness and Fearsomeness

The inherent qualities like a 'never-give-up' attitude and always a want of 'not just knowing' but 'learning' more in life makes an entrepreneur stand out. There needs to be something crazy in terms of intensity or recklessness in an entrepreneur that makes one a captivating entrepreneur. Be it Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel or Jack Dorsey, qualities like these are embedded to the core in these three young achievers.