Is Customized Beauty a Need or a Want Today?

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Customization, a term which has a heavy influence on the beauty industry, and why not? Each one of us has a different perception, especially when it comes to looks. The prime reason leading to the origin of customization is customer satisfaction. It’s crucial that your salon professional understands this. He/She shouldn’t be aware of just the latest trends in the industry but also about their client’s perception of beauty.


A plethora of products in the market

Let’s take a look at various reasons why customization has now become identical to individuality, and hence, customer satisfaction. Firstly, the rising pollution is negatively affecting natural beauty of people and each person’s body reacts differently to this. For some it causes early aging of skin and for some it degrades the quality of their hair. That’s why each client has to be addressed in a different way, a way that understands the overlapping of need and want of the client.

Other important factor is the availability of multitude of cosmetic products in the market. All products are being launched on an innovative, experience driven, and researched data basis so that it fulfills the needs of the customer in each category, like dark or fair, oily or dry, hair texture, body type, and so on. This can be understood with the example of a simple sunscreen lotion. A sunscreen lotion comes in many variations of SPF. A customer using a sunscreen lotion of SPF 20 will not use SPF 40 or SPF 50. With such wide variety, not only the direct consumers, but the professionals in salons also have to be on the watch about latest products in the market.

Is beauty related to sentiments? Think again!

Beauty is directly related to sentiments. The main intention behind such rapid growth of our industry is to conquer customer’s sentiments. Whenever a lady compliments another woman for her beauty, she immediately thinks of her parlor. This creates an impression that if she visits the same salon, she will get good results as well.

Customization is a means by which salons should address their clients. It’s a sophisticated tool to provide high quality experience to your customers. Incorporating your client’s feedback in their salon sessions can further strengthen this tool. As I said earlier, the overlapping point of client’s needs and wants is the sweet spot a salon should aim for.